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Insulation and Non-Combustible Fire Protection Boards for Timber Frame, Light Gauge Steel Frame.

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Black Mountain NatuWool

Sheepswool insulation is a hygroscopic fibre and is therefore able to absorb, store, and release moisture faster than many other insulation materials. Natuwool can absorb over 35% of its own weight in moisture without significant changes to thermal performance, whereas the thermal performance of man-made mineral fibre insulation deteriorates when condensation is present. Natuwool Insulation is ideally suited to timber frame structures as it has a natural synergy with wood. The sheep's wool fibres draw out the moisture, conditioning the wood and act as a buffer to protect the fabric of the building. Natuwool is manufactured in various thicknesses including 50mm, 75mm 100mm and 150mm and is available in either rolls or batts.





Showing 1-6 of 6