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A Guide to Glass Specification and BREEAM

Breeam is one of the worlds leading environmental and sustainable assessment methods for building. It takes into consideration many factors which assess the impact of building, and credit good design. The Breeam assessment can be chosen to review a building project through many categories and provides a final score which rates the building from a basic Pass to Outstanding. Today, Breeam has become the key assessment tool to identify the eco and sustainable credentials for many modern developments. Glass used in building helps to achieve additional Breeam credits for any project on many levels, however choosing the right type of glass is imperative. The attached document is a quick guide to achieving added Breeam credits through glass specification.

BREEAM - Case Study for glass in building

A guide to BREEAM and Glass Specification - In this case study we show how the application of different types in glass can lead to added BREEAM credits

ClimaGuard Thermally Insulating Low-E glass - Residential Windows & Commercial Façades

ClimaGuard is Guardian Industries range of thermally insulating, low emissivity glass. The ClimaGuard range comprises of three products for use in residential, commercial and architectural applications where thermal insulation is essential in complying with building regulations, and the constant challenges faced by the construction industry to reduce energy requirements in buildings. The combination of excellent thermal insulation with high transparency offer almost unlimited creative options in building design.

Guardian Elevations - A Guide to Glass Types and Orientation in Building

Guardian Elevations looks at the orientation of your building or project and evaluates which types of glass are most suited to different elevations and why. Choosing the right glass for the right elevation is imperative when trying to achieve the optimum energy saving and comfort in buildings.

Guardian Guide to Glass Specification and LEED

When you are looking to achieve added LEED points for glass specification, look no further than Guardian SunGuard Glass. This guide takes you through the application of glass in LEED and shows how SunGuard glass options can help boost your LEED performance.

ISO 9001 Certificate

A certificate showing Guardian's commitment to maintaining a quality management system, in the scope of the manufacture of float, coated and laminated glass and distribution of other Guardian products.

OHSAS 18001 Certificate

A certificate showing Guardian's commitment to Occupational Health and Safety Management

The benefits of glass in building

This report focuses on the non-energy-related benefits of glass, with a focus on how glass used in buildings provides health, psychological and social benefits to human occupants. An important component of the goals for a sustainable built environment is that it must include not only energy and resource sustainability but healthy environments and social sustainability as well as productive environments and economic sustainability.

Showing 1-10 of 10