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Chelsea Flower Show

Graepels completed this stunning Perforated Corten Walkway for Hugo Bugg's garden, Chelsea Flower Show 2014 and is one of our most impressive perforated flooring projects where function and aesthetic fuse to give a truly unique and exciting approach to anti-slip flooring. The earthy colour of the Perforated corten panels blend effortlessly with the surrounding landscape.

Perforated Interior Cladding, Five Story Foyer Leeds

Picture Perf is metal design at its best, offering a unique approach to perforated Metal. Picture Perf involves taking an image or graphic and translating onto sheet metal by Perforating different size holes into a metal sheet. The process is similar to printing. Instead of printed dots, perforations are used to create an image in sheet metal, giving a near photographic result. Perforations don't have to be round, square, hexagonal and much more are available.

The Diving Bell, Dublin

The Diving Bell was a refurbishment of a wet bell also known as a diving bell. Although it was a small project, the perforated panels have a dominant presence at Sir Rogerson's Quay, Dublin. The old orange metal bell stood forgotten its refurbishment is now a small attraction celebrating its history, giving an insight into life in this part of town, its name proudly perforated in 47.1m2 stainless steel. Graepels are delighted to have worked on such an important piece of maritime heritage that was key to buildings Dublins quay walls over the 87 years.

Showing 1-3 of 3