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Gartec Platform Lifts

The Only UK Based Platform Lift Manufacturer Offering BIM Objects

+44 (0)1296 397100 www.gartec.com

Gartec Lifts are a UK leading supplier and installer of platform lifts, with over 20 years' experience. They are the only UK platform lift manufacturer supplying BIM objects. PRODUCTS Gartec provide exceptional commercial and domestic passenger platform lifts using a screw and nut system (all suitable as wheelchair/disabled lifts and access lifts) and low cost lift maintenance. PASSENGER LIFTS Their commercial Aritco passenger platform lift range includes open platform lifts, and cabin lifts (enclosed platform lift) which imitate conventional lifts with simple operation and quick installation. They also offer light goods and passenger lifts, and external lifts. Gartec Lifts offer residential platform lifts as alternatives to stairlifts, step lifts and through floor lifts, providing safer operation and better aesthetics. NEW GOODS LIFTS Gartec Lifts offer goods lifts, service lifts and dumb waiters/trolley lifts for industrial and commercial settings. Installed in 3days, their lifts offer a wide range of colours, finishes and extras. ACCREDITATIONS As founder members of the 'European Platform and Stairlift Association', and members of 'Lift and Escalator Industry Association', Gartec Lifts help shape the industry. They are fully accredited, including OHSAS and ISO9001:2008, and conform to Part M and Equality Act (DDA).

Gartec Platform Lifts is a RIBA CPD Provider

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