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Command Centre Mobile

The Gallagher Command Centre Mobile App enables you to extend your security and access control directly to where you need it.

Command Centre solutions brochure

Command Centre is the powerful software at the heart of Gallagher Securitys integrated solutions, providing a central management platform designed to give you complete site control.

Controller 6000

The Gallagher Controller 6000 (C6000) delivers real-time decision making in the field, ensuring your site operates safely and efficiently.

Cyber security in an access control world

CPD summary - This seminar looks at what the industry experts are saying about cybercrime and how manufacturers of security systems such as access control are developing products to protect against cyber threats.

Gallagher Mobile Solutions

Security technology evolves rapidly. To stay ahead of the game and meet changing needs, security solutions must be adaptable, intuitive and importantly, they need to be mobile. Gallagher puts the power in your hands. Combining our world-class Command Centre site management platform with the agility of mobile technology, the Gallagher solution extends security across your site and beyond the security control room. Mobile badging, automated SMS messaging, and seamless integration between mobile control and building management systems, is just some of the functionality delivered by Gallaghers award-winning mobile solution.

Gallagher Security access control and GDPR

GDPR raises a number of questions regards how you manage your data. We have put together this document to answer a few questions regards GDPR and your Gallagher access control system.

Interface tools

Interface mechanisms extend the functionality and flexibility of the Gallagher system. Integration with other infrastructure and technologies deliver cost and time efficiencies, improve data integrity and can help you meet your occupational health and safety obligations. This document provides an overview of the integration tools available to external developers, both those that connect directly to the Command Centre server and those that communicate with the Controller 6000.

Monitored Pulse Fence

Gallagher monitored pulse fences deliver safe and controlled, energised pulses that last only a millisecond - enough to give a potential intruder a fright and deter them from making a second attempt on the fence. This brochure explains the pulse fencing system and outline the advantages that make it such an effective solution for site protection.Power

Perimeter detection security solutions

As the first cordon of security, perimeter detection solutions offer quick and reliable detection of any unauthorised entry or exit from your premises, ensuring an appropriate response. With knowledge comes power. Intelligent detection at the perimeter ensures a more effective and targeted response to security threats, focusing attention where its most needed and reducing time spent responding to false alarms. Improved security response capabilities reduce the need for guard patrols, saving money and minimising the potential for human error. Emergency management processes that protect people, property and information on site are also enhanced, ultimately ensuring business continuity and reducing costs associated with security breaches, theft and damage.

Shared space access control solutions

Being able to securely manage shared spaces requires combining flexibility with security, privacy and efficiency. Forward-thinking access control solutions are essential to truly harness the advantages of a shared space and support a dynamic workforce.

Z10 tension seor

The Z10 Tension Sensor measures the mechanical disturbance of a tensioned fence wire to raise an alarm when a wire is deflected during an attack. It continuously measures and reports wire tension in real time, to identify when maintenance is required or the fence has been damaged.

Z20 disturbance sensor

The Z20 Disturbance Sensor heightens perimeter security through intelligent detection of vibration or movement of the fence structure. Alarms are generated when disturbance meets predefined criteria.

Showing 1-14 of 14