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FOAMGLAS tapered insulation on top of the Shard

FOAMGLAS provided the ultimate solution for the roof maintenance platform of The Shard. Its light weight and high compressive strength enable regular maintenance to be carried out without risk of surface damage.

FOAMGLAS® T4+ tapered insulation for National Maritime Museum roof

The National Maritime Museum’s new £35m gallery has jewels which belonged to Sir Francis Drake, journals written by Captain Cook and items from the Titanic. A new rooftop restaurant looking out over Greenwich Park and the Royal Observatory has paved areas and landscaping, its limestone terrace having to withstand vehicles placing dynamic loads on the insulation without compression. With no space to lay a concrete screed to falls, architects Purcell Miller Tritton specified FOAMGLAS T4+slab insulation. The factory-machined, tapered material will not move or deflect under load and retains its thermal performance for the building’s lifetime

Showing 1-2 of 2