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1. Dortek Hospital Doors Brochure

Dorteks healthcare doors play an essential role in preventing cross-contamination as well as providing fire and x-ray protection, maintaining correct room pressures and ensuring optimum operating efficiency. Dorteks range of bespoke hospital door systems can help keep bacterial spread and operating costs to a minimum. Our hospital doors are specially suited to the cleaning regimes needed to prevent the spread of infection. The in-organic smooth and seamless construction of our doors prevents bacteria from harbouring and makes them easy to clean.

2. Dortek Leisure Doors Brochure

Dortek leisure doors are ideal for these environments due to their non absorbent, smooth, seamless GRP construction. Dortek doors are easy to clean and unaffected by steam, chlorine and cleaning agents. They will not rust, swell, or warp even after years of exposure to moisture and water.

3. Dortek Pharmaceutical Doors Brochure

Dorteks pharmaceutical doors are the ultimate solution for cleanrooms due to their smooth, seamless, ledge free surfaces. Dortek doors do not harbour bacteria unlike alternative laminate, timber or steel doors. Our GRP doors have a void free and non porous construction which is designed to meet GMP and GLP requirements. Dortek doors remain unaffected from exposure to chlorinated water, steam and cleaning chemicals.

5. Dortek GRP Doors Corporate Brochure

Dorteks GRP doors corporate brochure. Over 12 products including hygienic GRP doors, hygienic fire rated doors, crash doors, fast acting doors, hermetic doors, acoustic doors, coldroom doors, cleanroom windows, vision panels and transfer hatches.

7. Dortek Hygienic Doors Brochure

Dortek Hygienic Doors have a smooth and seamless construction. They are chosen by the worlds leading pharmaceutical, food, retail and healthcare companies. Our GRP doors are designed with safety, style and functionality in mind. They are available in a range of standard or bespoke designs, colours and sizes.

9. Hygienic GRP Fire Doors

Dortek hygienic GRP fire doors are regularly tested for fire resistance to various International Standards. Our GRP fire doors combine safety without compromising high standards of hygiene and durability. Unique to Dortek, our patented concealed intumescant strip is built into the door during the manufacturing process. This maintains a smooth, seamless profile ensuring that there are no seams or ledges where dirt and germs can gather. The intumescent strip is activated by the heat of a fire and expands to create a sealed fire door.

9.1. Dortek Hermetically Sealing Sliding Cleanroom Door

The hermetically sealing sliding door has been designed for use i n pharmaceutical facilities and cleanrooms. The efficiency of the seal has been officially tested and results show it to be over 99% effective thus reducing cross contamination, dirty air entering the clean room and expensive air handling costs.

9.2. Dortek Hermetically Sealing Sliding Glass Door

The hermetically sealing glass sliding door was initially designed for use in quarantine rooms. It gives a clear view of the room despite the barrier of the door. This is beneficial to the patients social well being and gives medical staff good observation. It is now used anywhere where openness and transparency are of great importance.

9.3. Dortek Hygienic Glass Doors Brochure

Dortek manufacture a wide range of Hygienic Glass Doors & Side Screens to suit all applications where hygiene and visibility are of of utmost importance. Dortek Glass doors have similar hygienic properties to GRP doors. Our hygienic glass have no crevices or cavities for bacterial growth and both systems can be used together, making it a popular choice for many specifications. The doors are durable, look contemporary and modern and are ideal for providing visibility in controlled environments. They are also perfect for an open plan environment or confined spaces and each door can be manufactured to suit any opening size.

9.4. Dortek Hermetically Sealing Sliding Hospital Door

The hermetically sealing sliding door has been specifically designed for use in areas where hygiene and the control of air leakage is critical. The door has a unique patented track system which enables it to seal perfectly when closed helping to reduce air handling costs, cross contamination and wound infections. Air leakage has been tested independently and results up to 400 Pa pressure are available.

9.5. Hygienic Lead Lined X-Ray Doors

Dortek produce a range of seamless x-ray doors that are ideally suited to hospitals, laboratories and other clean areas where hygiene and x-ray protection are of utmost importance. They are available in a range of standard or bespoke designs, colours and sizes.

9.6. Dortek Retail Doors

Dortek's range of retail doors are extremely tough, clean and ideal for demanding environments where performance and hygiene are crucial. Our range of GRP crash doors are built to last and do not suffer the day to day wear that can be caused by the movement of trolleys and equipment. Designed & constructed to industry leading standards, all our doors comply with the latest fire, DDA, hygiene & safety standards.

9.7. Automated Doors Brochure

Dortek automation systems are designed to provide safe, efficient and convenient means of opening and closing doors in a controlled environment. Our systems can be connected to many types of activation devices from a basic push button to a fully integrated building management system.

9.9.1 Dortek Privacy Vision Panels Brochure

Specifically designed for healthcare and cleanroom environments, Dortek Privacy Vision Panels are a fully sealed, fully tested glazed unit with an interstitial operable blind.

9.9.2. Dortek Hygienic Windows Brochure

Specifically designed for healthcare, pharmaceutical and cleanroom environments, Dortek windows are double or multiple glazed with an ultra clean flush surface.

Dortek Food Doors Brochure

Dorteks range of doors meet the increasing standards of hygiene, food safety and fire insurance requirements of the food industry, which states; doors must be easy to clean, disinfect, and have a smooth nonabsorbant surface (General Food Hygiene Regulations 1995).

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