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Since beginning, DLINE have believed that the best ideas respond to a need. This started in the 1960s when the Danish designer Knud Holscher was working under Arne Jacobsen on St. Catherine’s College Oxford. It was his need for a high-quality, coordinated line of stainless steel architectural products that led himto design one. In 1971, those first products were launched as d line and included two lever handles – the Ø14mm U and L – whose perfect harmony came from sharply bent sections that maintained the radius of their cross sections. Since then, in new categories and through new design collaborations, DLINE have continued to create enduring products. Since then DLINE have also endeavored to push beyond the boundaries of what we know in order to master what we don’t, so that we can answer new, evolving needs. As a result, the architects who choose our products do so because they are a simple, reliable, innovative, total solution to Holscher’s original problem with St Catherine’s College: a perfect toolkit of pieces for rooms that are effortlessly balanced in their practical details. They are often the finishing touches, yet they are never an afterthought.

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