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2012 Olympic Games Media Centre Auditorium Seating and Staging

CPS Manufacturing was awarded the seating and staging contract for the 2012 main media and press hub. 1,000 Cadet C6 chairs were installed in the media centre. The chair is cost-effective and durable. CPS also designed, manufactured and installed the purpose-built staging system.

Alexandra Palace Theatre Restoration Seating, Orchestra Pit and Staging

CPS Manufacturing was awarded the contract to revive the flexible floor space in the Alexandra Palace. This included manufacturing and installing four seating rostra configurations, three orchestra pit infill configurations and a stage infill. 200 stage decks, 1200 stage legs and over 200 fascia panels and valance curtains were installed in total.

Aston University Lecture Theatre Seating

The architects had a clear vision of what they wanted for the lecture theatres at Birmingham's Aston University. One of the lecture theatres had 197 green fabric Vario C9 seats installed. Another lecture theatre used the Harvard lecture theatre style and included 176 red fabric Vario C9 seats.

Basildon Towngate Theatre Seating

CPS worked with the Basildon Council and Overbury to install theatre seating at the Towngate Theatre. 242 custom enCore theatre seats were installed into the ground level stall section and finished in a vibrant red fabric. The seats were modified to fit the theatre's moving floor. The installation took place overnight to guarantee no disturbances to the theatre's performances.

Baysgarth School Staging

A bespoke performance and school stage was installed at the Baysgarth School. A full theatre setup was installed which included curtains and backdrops as well as sound and lighting systems. 40 Alu Rapid platforms were installed with oak veneered fascias, steps and integrated socket boxes.

Cardiff University's Inova Turn and Learn Seating

In 2015, 1,382 seats were installed for the Cardiff University project in six buildings across three campuses, including Vario seating and Harvard Style seating. 62 Inova turn and learn seats were also installed that allow students to turn around to interact, collaborate and complete group activity. The seating can also face forwards for more traditional style lectures. The Inova turn and learn seats are favoured by the fire service due to their ability to return to a forward facing position.

Central Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Staging

The Central Birmingham Symphony Orchestra wanted to revamp their staging. The orchestra wanted height adjustable staging that can be used in a range of different formats. The staging was to be used by the orchestra as well as tiered audience seating. The orchestra chose CPS's Alu Combi system which is a height adjustable, modular system with a waterproof and anti-slip surface. Handrails and storage trolleys were also provided.

Collaborative Bench Seating at Aberdeen University

CPS Manufacturing Co worked closely with the Aberdeen University team as well as architects and construction company to install collaborative bench seating. The benches will provide seating for approximately 300 students in the two state-of-the-art lecture halls. The students will be able to experience modern teaching styles and collaborative learning.

Disley Methodist Church Bespoke Staging

Disley Methodist Church in Stockport contact CPS about creating a small bespoke stage. There were 9 Alu Rapid staging platforms provided with some bespoke platforms. A wood communion rail, veneered risers and a carpeted surface was also provided with the church's stage.

Dudley College Turn and Learn Seating

74 turn and learn seats were installed into the Enhance's lecture theatre at the Dudley College. CPS Manufacturing worked with Metz Architects and Dudley College to fit the collaborative seating.

Durham Law School Harvard Style Lecture Theatre Seating

Durham Law School wanted to install a Harvard style showcase lecture theatre. CPS provided 91 Vario C9 seats to complete the lecture theatre. Among the challenges was the fact that the the lecture theatre room was curved in shape but not symmetrical.

EXEC Demountable Staging For Spectator Seating

Events centre EXEC in Peterborough requested a demountable spectator grandstand for their events. CPS Manufacturing installed a demountable tiered stage for the spectators. CPS installed 80 Alu Rapid platforms as well as handrails. The staging platforms are waterproof and anti-slip. As the stage needed no sway bracing, it will be easier to assemble and demount the grandstand when required.

Exeter Cathedral Staging

In 2013, CPS Manufacturing worked with Exeter Cathedral's Fabric Advistory Committee and Camilla Finlay (the architect for the cathedral) to provide staging platforms for the nave altar, lectern podium and bishop's seating. CPS provided bespoke staging platforms decked in 22mm Junckers solid oak hardwood flooring. The solid oak floor complimented the aesthetics of the cathedral.

Grimsby Leisure Centre Swimming Pool Spectator Seating

The new leisure centre in Grimsby required 250 poolside spectator seats. CPS Manufacturing worked with the client, architect and main contractor to install riser and floor mounted high quality, auto-tipping and durable Avatar seats. The Avatar seats have a galvanised steel seat frame to prevent them rusting in the humid and damp pool atmosphere.

Hallé Orchestra Custom Staging

The Hallé Orchestra recently opened a St Peter's practice base in an old church in Manchester. CPS Manufacturing designed, manufactured and installed a custom demountable stage. The stage was hardwearing, Karndean flooring finish to match the surroundings. The stage included Alu Combi and Alu Rapid staging platforms built around the pillars built in the practice hall.

Hill House School Staging and Demountable Seating

Private school, Hill House School in Doncaster requested two staging systems from CPS. One stage was used as the performance stage with a full curtain, lighting and sound system as well as cost-effective black Alu Rapid staging platforms. The other stage was to be used as demountable tiered spectator seating including carpeted Alu Rapid platforms to reduce audience noise levels and handrails on each side.

Instinct Laboratory Office Auditorium Seating

CPS Manufacturing was tasked with providing auditorium seating into inspirational offices in West Bridgford, Nottingham. CPS provided 35 comfortable and individually upholstered Asset A30 auditorium seats with shared armrests.

Lagoon Leisure Centre Retractable Spectator Seating

The Lagoon Leisure Centre asked CPS Manufacturing Co to install retractable spectator seating into the sports hall. The sports centre had two fully electronic motorised units installed. A total of 368 auto-tipping seats were designed, manufactured and installed at the sports centre.

Leeds Beckett University Auditorium Seating

Leeds Beckett University wanted an auditorium that could also be used for business events. CPS Manufacturing worked alongside the architect and university estates team to design, manufacture and install 250 Asset A20 chairs as well as the full steel tiering that the seats sit on. The seats are durable and reduce sound absorption due to their preformed plywood backs and bases, but also prestigious looking for business use.

Lochaber High School Retractable Seating

Lochaber High School contacted CPS Manufacturing Co about installing retractable seating into the school's hall. Two sets of retractable seats were installed with a total of 182 auto-folding and upholstered seats. The retractable seats are controlled electronically to ensure the system can be packed away quickly, easily and safely.

London Science Museum Bench Seating System

CPS Manufacturing worked with Dow Jones Architects to install a new bench seating system in the Hans Rausing Lecture Theatre. The bench seating was used on most rows to provide a 144 capacity theatre which can be used for lectures, family shows and events. The theatre includes a front row with several individual tip-up seats designed for wheelchair users.

Loughborough University Collaborative Bench Seating

CPS Manufacturing Co worked with Loughborough University on installing seating in five lecture theatres, encompassing 790 seats in total. One of the lecture rooms included installing collaborative bench seating for 86 people. Collaborative bench seating is a new style of seating that allows students to collaborate and complete group work.

Macclesfield Leisure Centre Spectator Seating

273 auto-tipping Avatar seats were installed in the swimming pool viewing area at the Macclesfield Leisure Centre. The seat meets the European Standards for spectator seating criteria. Steps, hand-railing and balustrading were also installed for safety.

Michael Woods Sports and Leisure Centre Spectator Seating

355 seats were installed into the swimming pool and sports hall viewing galleries at the Michael Woods Sport and Leisure Centre. The multi-coloured CR4 spectator seat was chosen for the poolside and the black AB auto-tipping seat was installed into the viewing area.

Morgan Stanley Inova Turn and Learn Auditorium Seating

Banking services company Morgan Stanley enquired regarding installing seating into its flagship auditorium in Canary Wharf, London. The auditorium needed to be clean and immaculate, therefore the self-parking Inova turn and learn seat was chosen. 144 turn and learn chairs were installed.

Newcastle University Collaborative Bench Seating

Collaborative bench seating was installed by CPS into the new Frederick Douglass Centre at Newcastle University. The seating was added to the lecture theatre as a key part of the new teaching methods and flipped learning.

Newton Aycliffe Leisure Centre Spectator Seating

CPS Manufacturing Co installed spectator seating into two locations at the Newton Aycliffe Leisure Centre. The award-winning auto-tipping Avatar seat was chosen. 167 orange Avatar seats were installed into the sports hall, with 142 blue seats installed into the poolside.

Planet Ice Rink Spectator Seating

A tiered floor structure and 368 A2 seats were installed into the Planet Ice rink at Widnes. The A2 seat is a backless seat with lumbar support. The seating structure took into account the environment. To ensure the health and safety of spectators and visitors, the seats were waterproof and anti-slip surfaces were provided.

Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Lecture Theatre Seating

119 Vario C9 lecture theatre seats were designed, manufactured and installed at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital. The seat fabrics represented the Trust's values and the desks featured a NHS blue colour trim.

Sheringham Salvation Army Bespoke Church Furniture

CPS worked with the Sheringham Salvation Army to provide bespoke church furniture that matched the hall's decor. The church furniture included Mercy seats, Lecterns, a Holiness Table and a Speaker's Podium.

Sir John Colfox School Stage and Curtain System

The Sir John Colfox School in Dorset worked with CPS to install a new stage and curtain system. CPS designed, manufactured and installed 20 Alu Rapid stage platforms for the school. The easy-running Alu Compact staging system was installed, which provides all of the main and side curtains with light hangers. The system can also be used to incorporate set decorations and studding partitions for the school's performances.

St Mark Church Dais Staging

CPS worked with the vicar and churchwarden at St Mark in the Salisbury to provide a new church dais. Seven Alu Rapid platforms and eight custom staging platforms were manufactured and installed. The custom platforms bridged the chancel steps and fit around the church pillars. There were also two bespoke Alu Rapid ramps and timber steps installed. The staging platforms were covered in Heckmondwike Supacord carpet which fitted around the electrical socket boxes.

University of Birmingham Avon Room Retractable Seating

The University of Birmingham's Avon Room was completely refurbished. The refurbishment also included the installation of retractable seating to make better use of the available lecture theatre space. There were 155 seats installed with steps.

University of Birmingham lecture theatre seating

CPS Manufacturing Co worked with Wilmott Dixon, BDP Architects and the University of Birmingham to deliver two lecture theatres. The two lecture theatres had tiered flooring systems installed. 750 seats were installed in total with desking. Our top model Type C9 seat was chosen, with the Inova turn and learn seat used in the collaborative lecture hall.

University Of Durham Seating

Working closely with the architect and university, CPS Manufacturing designed, manufactured and installed a series of seating solutions for the University of Durham. There were bespoke private study areas installed that included Vario C6 seats and tables with internet connections. The Vario chair was also installed into the lecture theatres as well as the steel tiering. In total, 1,000 Vario seats were installed by CPS at the University of Durham.

Showing 1-36 of 41