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Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

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The objectives of the CSIRO ActivFire® Scheme for certification and listing of active fire protection equipment includes the following outcomes:

  • To verify the conformity (compliance) of equipment through physical testing and appraisal to relevant and endorsed standards and specifications (reference criteria).
  • To verify and recognise approvals and certifications by other national and international bodies.
  • To provide an effective and transparent mechanism for appraisal, testing, certification and listing of emerging and new technologies in the field of active fire protection equipment and systems.
  • To provide reference documentation and information which supports the various building regulation and authority requirements for "Evidence of Suitability" for equipment used in building construction.
  • To maintain a continuing process that provides means by which the conformity of changes to products can be submitted and verified.
  • To maintain a Register of Fire Protection Equipment to publicly list and promulgate, products which meet established reference criteria for listing.

Verification of conformity for products listed by the CSIRO ActivFire® Scheme is established from the documented reference criteria such as:

  1. Australian Standards.
  2. International Standards.
  3. Technical Specifications.

Trade names

  • ActivFire