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Classic Architectural Group - Access For Everyone

Classic Architectural Group is trusted by building professionals across Australia, because we have consistently listened to our customers, regulators and partners for over 30 years to provide exceptional client service while developing products that are versatile in terms of design, colours and application. We have expanded our large range of highly durable entrance mats, cover and trims, stair noising and tactile indicators in a variety of styles and colours that can complement any design or layout. We specialize in end-to-end fulfillment - from design to installation - to provide a proven service for building professionals that's smart and effective. At Classic, we inspire and empower building professionals to be their best. Our team goes beyond and beyond in the service they provide.

Product Application Guide - Stair Noising or Threads

The type of nosing you should use in your stairways depends largely on the environment in which your stairways are placed. If you are looking for nosing to be placed in stairways of a commercial building, office, shopping mall, or any other public place, you can go for any one of the two main types. However, if you want to install nosing in stairs of industrial buildings, consider using fibreglass nosing. Being made up of fibreglass, it has outstanding resistance to corrosion, chemicals, heat, electricity, fire and several other elements. You can also install such nosing in stairs that are placed outdoors as these nosings are not affected by harsh weather. Fibreglass stair nosings are mechanically strong and very durable, making it suitable for industrial environment.

Product Application Guide - Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSIs)

TGSIs provide cues, which, when combined with other environmental information, assist people who are blind or visionimpaired with their orientation. Orientation is a persons awareness of where they are, where they are going, and where they have been. A persons orientation, through processing all available environmental cues, will make the information provided by the TGSI meaningful. Warning TGSIs indicate an approaching hazard but not what the nature of the hazard will be. TGSIs should be installed to provide guidance and/or warning of an obstruction or hazard in any location where insufficient alternative or natural tactile cues exist.

Product Catalogue Edition 6 - Architectural Solutions For The Traversed Environment

This product catalogue includes the information about the following products: architectural entrance matting;dirt & moisture barrier matting; vinyl scraper matting; mat frames; stair noisings; non-slip tapes; stair noising accessories; individual tactiles; tile format tactiles; tactile accessories; expansion joints covers; floor trims; protection & safety; bike racks; signage; and skate deterrents.

The New All-Metal Range of Tredfx Stair Nosings By Classic Architectural Group

The Tredfx Fusion series is the latest addition to our stair nosing range. Offering a distinguished elegant metal insert within an aluminium profile, this designer series is suitable both internally and externally, with profiles to suit any application including vinyl, concrete, carpet tiles or rebated applications. We take the extra step, offering a cut to length service as well as the nosings being supplied complete with fixings, ensuring a quick and easy installation.

Showing 1-5 of 5