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1 Kent Street, NSW

The building was refurbished in order to create a modern commercial workplace. Over 20 years of previous occupation, the floor plans of the warehouses had become riddled with minor alterations and additions, which created a gaggle of winding corridors and poorly located facilities. These were consolidated in the refurbishment allowing for a free open plan work environment to be created within each of the district internal warehouse volumes. An upgrade to the entrance mats was required to create a sleek internal environment within a district heritage shell.

101 Collins Street, VIC

A Melbourne landmark, 101 Collins Street majestically surveys the city from its superb location and is one of Melbourne’s most influential corporate addresses. Being home to some of the city’s most prestigious and high-profile tenants, with well over 3,000 business executives, and countless visitors each day, the management of this blue-chip building contracted Classic Architectural Group for a solution to replace their worn entry matting.

Adelaide High School, SA

As a key place of learning the safety of the staff and students was a priority. The stair nosing required for this project needed to achieve both the necessary level of safety and compliance to relevant Australian Standards, while complimenting the overall look of the internal and external areas where it was to be fitted.

Aquavista Tower Docklands, VIC

The key reason for new entrance matting at Aquavista Corporate Tower was to enhance the appearance of the entry area, and also to reduce transference mof dirt and debris from external mto internal areas. The modular design of Integra Link was the logical decision combining performance and elegance for demanding indoor and outdoor applications. Classic removed the incumbent product from the main entry, and supplied and installed the new matting efficiently and with very little disturbance to the building occupants.

Arts West, The University Of Melbourne, VIC

The $66 million Arts West Redevelopment Project is the Faculty of Arts’ most significant infrastructure project in recent years and enables the creation of new and dynamic teaching and learning spaces. The site is located in the heart of the University, surrounded by pedestrians and occupied buildings, several of which have heritage significance. With thousands of footfalls expected daily, the infrastructure needs to be built with due consideration for facility access to people of all ages and abilities. In addition, the entrances and stairs need to ensure safe passage during wet days, while keeping the facility aesthetically pleasing.

Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation, VIC

The headquarters at Elizabeth provides access to industrial, professional and legal representation, education and training facilities to over 81,000 nurses, midwives and carers. With thousands of footfalls expected on a daily basis, the infrastructure needs adequate consideration for easy and safe access to people of all ages and abilities. In addition, the entrances and stairs need to ensure safe passage for people during wet days, while keeping the facility aesthetically pleasing always.

Box Hill Hospital, VIC

With a high use entrance area, this project required a matting system that could handle, not only a high volume of foot traffic, but also but also wheelchair and trolley access.With its highly effective scrape and wipe cleaning system and a high resistant to fungal and bacterial growth, all promoting a cleaner healthier environment, the Integra Verse was the ideal solution for this application.

Carlton United Breweries, VIC

This project required a stair nosing that was not only compliant with the requirements of the AS1428 but also practical for use with the latest and greatest in floor finishes, woven vinyl. The stair nosing chosen for this project would require a smart appearance that would enhance the overall aesthetics of the building and have safety at its core. The SNR019 proved to be the classic solution for this iconic brand.

Casseldon Place Spring Street, VIC

Smart, lasting and functional are just some attributes of the stainless steel individual tactile indicators used in this project. For an upmarket office block in the CBD used by hundreds everyday, safety is the key concern, therefore Classic Architectural Products supplied and installed the stainless TGSI to enhancing the public space.

Commonwealth Bank, NSW

Damage to valuable community assets caused by inappropriate use of skateboards is a problem. It leaves unsightly and often dangerous exposed edges to masonry along with damage to expensive street furniture. This can even lead to injuries for people using these spaces as well as to other skateboarders as well. To discourage such misuse of property and prevent damage to infrastructure and users, skate deterrents can be used. In alignment with the requirements of the key stakeholders building and maintaining the infrastructure, Classic installed Skatestop Discs, which offer moderate level hindrance to individuals using skateboards on these platforms.

Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, NSW

The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA) has a design that combines modern and classic features in its traditional location on the Rushcutters Bay foreshore.The new Clubhouse has been designed to improve accessibility, increase space and flow, and enhance comfort. With increasing membership and access requirements, pedestrian safety and enhanced access is essential across the premises as well as on the stairs.

DFO Brisbane Airport, QLD

With a large amount of vehicles anticipated as a result of the extension to the Skygate precinct, located a few kilometres from Brisbane’s Airport, a new multi-level car park with 1000 car park bays was imperative. Classic was called upon to provide the perfect solution for the carpark protection and safety equipment. This was achieved through the installation of Assert Wheel stops and various types of Assert Bollards.

Emporium, VIC

With a large amount of stairs and escalators, safety was a key consideration and therefore the use of a warning system for these approaching hazards for visually impaired users was a must. The Tactile Ground Surface Indicator’s needed to not only look smart, but needed to meet the NCC and relevant Australian Standard, while maintaining the overall visual appeal and safety of the area.

Etihad Stadium, VIC

Ideally located on the edge of Melbourne’s CBD, Etihad Stadium is famous for its retractable roof and outstanding facilities. Catering for more than 52,000 fans at capacity, this iconic stadium required entrance matting capable of handling the enormous and frequent traffic, both pedestrian and wheeled, that pass through its doors. The only logical matting choice for these extremes was the Integra Verse, capable of not only handling this traffic load but also offering unparalleled performance in terms of dirt and moisture removal.

Event Cinemas, NSW

Event Cinemas have a presence across all states of Australia, catering to the public through over 80 establishments, providing entertainment to thousands annually. With the client objectives around providing a safe and enhanced experience, Classic provided a range of products for floor safety and easy accessibility for the visually impaired. Classic’s PBC102 black anodised aluminium stair nosing for broadloom carpeted steps complete with light grey colour insert were supplied and installed across the George St. premises. Classic also installed individual stainless steel tactile indicators across all access points, making them safe and accessible to all segments of the population.

Gold Coast Convention Centre, QLD

With the expected increase in pedestrian traffic anticipated as a result of the upgrade to this fantastic facility, durability and public safety was imperative. The choice of tactiles on the carpet tiled stair and escalator areas needed to reflect this brief, as well as greatly enhancing the overall appearance of this venue.

Kardinia Park, Geelong, VIC

Kardinia Park is a sporting and entertainment venue located within Kardinia Park, South Geelong, Victoria. The stadium is the home of the Geelong Football Club and has a capacity of 34,000, making it the largest capacity Australian stadium in a regional city. With hundreds of thousands of footfalls expected annually, the infrastructure needs to be built with due consideration for facility access to people of all ages and abilities. In addition, the entrances and stairs need to ensure safe passage for people during wet days, while keeping the facility aesthetically pleasing.

King Office Complex, NSW

Smart, lasting and functional are just some attributes of the stainless steel individual tactile indicators. For an upmarket office block in the CBD used by hundreds everyday, safety is the key concern, therefore Classic supplied and installed the stainless TGSI, because they’re serious about Enhancing Public Space!

Medibank Docklands, VIC

With a strong emphasis on healthy living and a modern architectural design running throughout its numerous levels, the heart of this magnificent building was the central staircase. A feature such as this required a proven product that was not only cost effective but maintained the superior level of quality and compliance synonymous with this innovative project. Tredfx SBV105 stair nosing ticked all the boxes, just another example of a Classic solution for a classic project.

Melbourne Convention Centre, VIC

With a very high profile project on hand that would attract hundreds of thousands of visitors, Integra Verse 17mm was selected as the entrance matting system of choice. The key deciding factor was the need for a robust matting system to reduce transference of dirt and debris from external to internal areas, whilst enhancing the appearance of the entry areas. The modular design and the reversibility of Integra Verse was the logical decision combining known and time-proven performance and elegance for this demanding application.

NAB Docklands, VIC

Environmental sustainability and accessibility for the local community were key elements of the building design. Located between Southern Cross Station and Etihad Stadium, this visually stunning building with its signature triangular design would be used daily by thousands of workers, the resulting foot traffic generated required a matting system able to cope with this volume of pedestrians. Capable of reducing the external to internal flow of debris and moisture, without distracting from the image and appeal of the building and being made from recyclable materials, made Integra Vantt 5500 the ideal choice to enhance this busy public space.

Prima Pearl, VIC

Boasting spectacular views that extend as far as the Dandenong ranges as well as the CBD, Albert Park Lake and Port Phillip Bay, this modern building with its spectacular curved glass exterior and chic interior required entrance matting that would enhance the overall look and feel of the building whilst coping with the high foot traffic. The choice of Integra Verse lent its own unique features to this outstanding building, adding just one more level of unique appeal.

Rosebank Apartments, VIC

This stylish award winning residential apartment building required an equally stylish entrance mat that would enhance the modern appearance of the building. The entrance matting chosen needed to reduce the transfer of dirt and debris from external to internal zones, be easy to clean and maintain but also stand up to the regular foot traffic of a busy apartment complex.All of these prerequisites led to the Integra Link as the most logical choice of matting.

Sydney Cricket Ground, NSW

These grounds form a central sports precinct of international standing that host nearly 100 sports and concert events and attract more than 1.5 million visitors each year. That’s why the Trust chose entrance matting from Classic; the only logical matting choice for these extremes. Integra Vantt is not only capable of handling this traffic load but also offers unparalleled performance in terms of dirt and moisture removal.

The Calile Hotel, Fortitude Valley, QLD

The Calile Hotel is located in the shopping district of Fortitude Valley and features an outdoor pool, fitness centre and spa facilities. As a landmark location with heavy foot and wheeled traffic, the challenge was to ensure easy and safe access for everyone. As such, Classic installed Tredfx PH06P in black and PT30 Tactile pads externally as well as Tredfx BH10N brass tactiles to go with the internal decor. In addition, Classic carpark safety products such as bollards, wheel stops, corner guards and safety mirrors were installed to ensure safety of pedestrians, vehicles and infrastructure.

The King David School, VIC

In 2015-16, The King David School embarked on its most significant and exciting building project with the objective to provide a modern educational environment with flexible learning spaces, new play spaces, and renovated historical mansion building to create an optimum learning environment for primary school students. Clarke Hopkins Clarke were given the onus of designing it. Working closely with the architects and design experts, Classic developed and implemented a stair safety solution comprising natural anodised aluminium stair nosing with tangerine inserts to cover thousands of metres of stairs within the school premises.

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