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Brintons axminster carpet tiles

If you want your commercial project to have the design impact of an axminster carpet, but you need the practicality of a tile, then Brintons axminster tiles offer the perfect solution. With our critical match capability, we can reproduce almost any broadloom design in a tile to give you the ultimate broadloom-in-a-box solution. Brintons tile offer has been developed over twenty five years to meet the challenging demands of commercial projects where style and design are as important as cost-effectiveness, practical carriage and easy installation.

Brintons Carpets - The Parlor Collection

Born from a drawing game Surrealist artists played to pass time and unlock the true creative essence of the unconscious, The Parlor is a collection of one of a kind axminster designs with surprising linear transitions. Glowing neon hues contrast with moody velvet textures calling us to our local watering holes and reminding us of the intimate social spaces occupied by literature + arts greats. Inspired by a space defined by community, The Parlor hinges on successful collaboration and exists as a conduit for unapologetic creation. Each fully customisable axminster broadloom design is woven with the standard 80% wool 20% nylon yarn blend.

Brintons Credence

Credence is a diverse collection that is heavily influenced by the juxtaposition of exposed surfaces and the unique imprints produced by natural phenomena. Pockets of salt water are trapped under dissipating ice, soft moss slowly grows across the face of an ancient earth, and fat paint chips from the aging canvas of an old master's work. These material binaries are poised against each other, struggling for rank, and melting together in a uniquely fluid collection of designs. This common thread of nostalgic reflection echoes through chasms of Credence, ushering to light the narrative of material vs. element.

Brintons Design Archive

The Brintons Archive Collection is one of the world's most comprehensive and extensive commercial design archives, amassed since our beginnings in 1783. This industry leading design resource has been collected and used over more than two centuries of carpet manufacturing. Restored and preserved by our own dedicated archivist, the collection includes many hand painted designs, artworks and sketches from 1790 to the present day, some from noted designers, which have, historical as well as inspirational application. The archive library is a facility unique to Brintons and is an invaluable resource to designers, conservators, decorators and contractors world-wide.

Brintons Expressions High Definition Weave

Brintons Expressions can be described as expressionistic interpretations of a life less ordinary. An eclectic mix inspired by what we feel as much as what we see. Ethereal, almost spiritual insights entirely open to your interpretation. Vibrant watercolour sketches transform simple organic life into a shocking feast of colour. The aquatic world is celebrated in deep, defined clarity.

Brintons Hand Tufted Rugs Brochure

The Brintons hand tufted rug programme has a unique ability to make a beautiful floor covering no matter what your design requirement or specification. Our aim is to supply only rugs with which you will be entirely happy.

Brintons High Definition Weave - Zuzunaga Collection

Forming part of Brintons HD Weave collections and introducing a new level of colouration in carpets. This collection is inspired by Cristian Zuzunagas explorations of Brintons extensive design archive in Kidderminster. Visiting the archive, Cristian was captivated by similarities to his own design principles squared, pixel based designs, brightly coloured palettes of contrasting colours evident in weaving and wool dying dating back centuries. This exciting collaboration is testament to the powerful combination of unique innovative design and digital imagery with ancient fabrics and state of the art multicolour weaving technology from Brintons.

Brintons High Definition Weave Skulduggery

At times playful and mischievous, at others dark and rocky. Brintons Skulduggery is a melting pot of graphical styles screaming with metallic, edgy, hedonistic designs each telling its own story. Drawing inspirations from music these concepts evoke graffiti and rap, heavy metal and electronica layered across in an urban, manmade theme. Binary collides with circuit boards. Geometrics meet sharp anatomical skulls. Embrace the darker side of Brintons.

Brintons Inspiration

Be inspired by the beauty of architecture, bold geometrics and tropical explosions. Be inspired by Brintons. Inspired by cutting edge architecture, geometrical graphics and the waves of the tropics, Brintons Inspirations is the latest collection inspired by global trends.

Brintons Quickweave - Axminster carpets custom made in up to 6 weeks

QuickWeave is an exciting initiative from Brintons, developed to meet the growing demand among installers for design-led quality carpets that can be made-to-order in below average lead-times. The QuickWeave offering provides installers and project designers on a tight deadline with the widest choice yet of woven axminster designs in a broad spectrum of colours that can be made in up to 6 weeks.

Brintons Virginia Langley Arenzano

This collection is inspired by the wild elements of nature: exotic birds, patterns in stone, & animal skin textures. The design styling for some of the patterns has been influenced by Italian designers, such as Versace, with their classical yet bold ways of combining old world damasks, scroll outlines, & strong geometrics with modern exotic effects. Other designs have been created with contemporary multi-layering, textural, and tonal impressions. Together these designs, form a sense of versatility and a wide diversity in styles for all categories & projects ranging from classical, transitional and through to contemporary minimalism.

Brintons Virginia Langley Santhiya

Santhiya offers a range of handcrafted carpet designs derived from the wonders of nature; where sand, sea, and natural elements inspire the senses. This collection features an artistic blend of abstracted botanical arrangements, rich variegated textures, and carefully cultivated line work.

Brintons Virginia Langley, Camelia Rose

The classic rose & the Camélia flower with its mystical symmetry have been favored subjects in art, fashion and history throughout time. Fashion icon Coco Chanel has used these botanicals throughout the years as a timeless style in her designs & the design house still favors them in their latest trends. Luxury hotels have adorned their lobbies & suites with stunning arrangements throughout all the trending & styles of time.

Commercial Carpet Solutions

At Brintons we make the world a more beautiful place through outstanding carpet solutions for Commercial and Residential use. The ultimate in wool rich and nylon woven Axminster and Wilton carpets and tiles, hand tufted and hand knotted rugs.

Kelly Hoppen

The kelly Hoppen Collection by Brintons brings the designer's unparalleled eye for trend leading design to the commercial carpet sector. The result is a distinctive new contemporary aesthetic that completely eschews the typical 'swirl and block' patterns for which the commercial/hospitality sector is traditionally known. Instead, the dynamic collection consists of 13 geometric shapes and organic designs in on-trend colourways that reflect the designer's award winning design style and pared-back aesthetic. kelly Hoppen took inspiration from diverse influences ranging from geometric shapes to elements found in everyday surroundings such as cracks in a pavement and splashes of paint.


The word Mazij is an Arabic word for melange, which means a collection of various things. This brochure is a collection of carpet designs which have been inspired by the unique blend of art, culture, landscape and geography of the Middle East.

Stacy Garcia x Brintons Retrospective

This retrospective traces the prolific eight year partnership of Stacy Garcia and Brintons. This digital exhibit offers a concise sampling of work which underscores a love for pattern and an emphasis on collaborative process. Seeing the Stacy Garcia brand take shape through Brintons creative process is challenging yet equally rewarding. Brintons axminster provides an unparalleled opportunity to explore scale and push pattern to new textural depths.

Stacy Garcia, Altered Gravity - carpet collection

Altered Gravity is the 8th collaborative collection from Brintons Carpets and Stacy Garcia. The collection, which includes 14 patterns, draws inspiration from diverse disciplines of the art universe; abstract expressionism collides with contemporary graphic design, and digitally rendered textures melt between layers of mixed media paintings.

Studio Elke Composite Collection

Brintons debut custom collection with Studio Elke, a multi-disciplinary design studio led by founder and Creative Director, Elke Kramer. Known for its unique jewellery and accessories, Studio Elke is an industry leader in the fashion and design worlds. The studio is respected for its emphasis on pushing the boundaries of originality and its exploration of unique materials, experimental fabrications and new forms. Studio Elke and Brintons have collaborated to translate the studios aesthetic into a suite of customisable carpet designs and the new venture is Elke Kramers first ever carpet collection.

Timorous Beasties Craigend Collection

Famous for their outstanding diversity of pattern, Craigend is Scottish design duo Timorous Beasties third collection with Brintons. Named after Craigend Place, home of the Glasgow based Timorous Beasties studio and birth place of the designs, the collection name is also inspired by the old Gaelic word Creag, which means rock. The collection is inspired by textures and surfaces found on the ground including sand dunes, stone moss and aerial views of landscapes, all reimagined in Brintons special blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon. With Craigend, Timorous Beasties have called upon their fascination with the often brutal beauty of the natural world as well as taking aesthetic inspiration from different crafting methods including paint, ink and fabric.

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