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Circlelock High Security Interlocking Door

The Circlelock is a circular interlocking door system that prevents unauthorised entrance to your secured area. Several verification systems are available to detect piggybacking and reach the highest possible security level at your entrance. The Circlelock can be customised for a stylish integration into your buildings architecture.

Circleslide Curved Automatic Sliding Door

Our Circleslide is a curved automatic sliding door that gives a sensation of space to those entering it. Incorporating self-learning technology, our Circleslide offers extremely smooth and quiet movement. The door provides enough space for people pushing prams or trolleys, carrying luggage and people in wheelchairs. The soft arc appearance and transparent design make the Circleslide an impressive and stylish entrance.

Crystal Tourniket Frameless Glass Revolving Door

The Crystal Tourniket uses a combination of laminated and toughened glass to reduce the traditionally framed elements of the door to a bare minimum. The result is a virtually transparent revolving door that is perfect for use with contemporary glass facades while still blending in beautifully with more classical architectural styles.

Duotour High Capacity Automatic Revolving Door

The Duotour is a two-wing revolving door with spacious compartments that easily accommodates large objects such as shopping and luggage trolleys, stretchers and wheelchairs. It provides simple, bi-directional, straight-line access and has a high capacity throughput of people. The unique design of the Duotour turns an ordinary entrance into an environmentally friendly and attractive entrance.

Lifeline Speedlane Open - The Unobtrusive Entry Solution

Slender, sleek and unique, the Lifeline Speedlane Open is an open optical turnstile with smart sensors that allow for tailgating detection which include alarm notifications.Fashioned without door wings for an advanced user-friendly and welcoming experience, the open-style facilitates faster thoroughfare and a compact footprint.

Lifeline Speedlane Slide - The Solid Flap Barrier

Designed to be bold and beautiful yet intuitively smart, the flap barrier Lifeline Speedlane Slide is proudly dominating the security gate industry. With its smart sensors and activate-on-approach technology, this concise flap barrier delivers a modern, welcoming entrance security.

Lifeline Speedlane Swing - The Narrow Security Lane

Revolutionising the security industry, the Lifeline Speedlane Swing is the narrowest, most intuitive speed gate available. This product is best-in-class when it comes to restricted spaces. Crafted to be sleek in design while being powered by state-of-the-art technology.

Speedlane 300 Winged Security Lane

Speedlane 300 guarantees fast, smooth and efficient access control in two directions, offering a competitive, high quality security control system. The illuminated angel wing pivoting door system and neutral stainless steel finish create a sleek design complimenting most building interiors.

Speedlane Compact - Swing Barrier Gate

The newest edition to the Boon Edam premium range of swing barrier gates solves the issue of introducing security and safety into small and valuable areas of real estate spaces. The Speedlane Compact delivers all you fundamentally need in a security lane; while confidently delivering all that is required to make your visitors feel welcome and secure every day.

Tourlock 180 Security Revolving Door

The Tourlock 180 security revolving door is the ideal solution when you need to solve the combination of high security and high traffic flow. The door easily integrates with an access control system, and due to its four-winged design and working principle, prevents unauthorised entry into facilities, therefore protecting people and assets. The Tourlock 180 is so reliable at preventing tailgating and piggybacking that it does not even require guard supervision - creating a return on investment in a short one to two years.

Tournex Automatic Revolving Door

The Tournex is a sophisticated automatic revolving door with spacious compartments, easily able to cope with intensive pedestrian traffic flow while protecting the building environment from draughts. With a range of diameters up to 7400mm, the Tournex is large enough to safely accommodate shopping and luggage trolleys, stretchers and wheelchairs, making it a truly impressive and versatile solution.

Tourniket Revolving Door

The Tourniket is a high quality revolving door with eye-catching features. Its unique design combines architectural beauty with the highest degree of flexibility. From saving energy costs to the use of intelligent safety features, every aspect of this revolving door is designed to fulfill the needs of our customers.

Transpalock Revolving Security Barrier

The Transpalock 900 glass turnstile belongs to the Boon Edam’s top range of Security Barriers. This product offers a simple yet effective method of controlling an internal passage without creating an obtrusive barrier. Constructed mainly from tempered glass and stainless steel the product can match many surroundings.

Trilock 900 Security Turnstile

The Trilock 900 provides an effective means of controlling pedestrian access, characterised by its extremely reliable mechanism, stylish design and space efficiency. Available in various different models, the Trilock 900 is a versatile barrier, providing a suitable security barrier for almost every situation.

Turnlock 200 Transparent full Height Turnstile

A transparent look ensures that the Turnlock 200 is particularly suitable for indoor applications. It is available in two models with either narrow or wider polycarbonate panels. Both models are available with three door wings and integrated indicator lights.

Twinglock 900 Transparent Revolving Security Barrier

The Twinglock 900 belongs to the top range of Security Barriers of Boon Edam. This security barrier has properties very similar to those of the Transpalock 900 and Winglock 900, but as its name suggests, it has two door wings instead of one.

Twintour Bi-directional Automatic Revolving Door

Our Twintour is a unique revolving door concept with an unprecedented passage capacity. The Twintour provides a bi-directional, straight-line access and easily accommodates large objects such as shopping and luggage trolleys, stretchers and wheelchairs. Combining the highest possible capacity and ease of use with maximum flexibility, we offer a modular revolving door concept allowing us to design a high capacity entrance that meet your requirements.

Winglock 900 Security Gate

The Winglock 900 belongs to Boon Edam’s top range of Security Barriers and offers a stylish indoor security access control solution. Constructed from a single frameless tempered glass door wing and a slim column, the Winglock 900 is a very space efficient barrier. The glass and stainless steel transparent design can match many surroundings, without creating an obtrusive barrier.

Winglock Swing

The focus of this single wing access gate lies in elegant aesthetics for all levels of visitors. Easy on the eye meets easy installation, operation and culminates in an elevated user experience.

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