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BASF Plc Basotect® Acoustic Melamine Foam

Basotect® - The versatile melamine resin foam

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Acoustic insulation in Seoul’s subway

BASF’s specialty foam Basotect® is used in the Metro Line 9 stations in Seoul, Korea, to provide a quieter and more comfortable experience for commuters. The sound-absorbing and flame-retardant Basotect® was installed behind perforated steel walls in 25 subway stations of line 9. The foam was also chosen by the operators for its ease of maintenance.

Acoustic insulation in Spanish design hotel

Very good sound absorption and freedom of design. The low weight of Basotect® meant that it was possible to fit cylindrical sound absorbers to the ceiling that look like free-floating elements and blend in aestheticallywith the design of the lobby. As the lobby also has a restaurant and a bar, the sound-absorbing qualities of BASF’s melamine resin foam were decisive when it came to choosing the sound insulation.Thanks to its open-cell, fine-foam structure, the flame-retardant material is noted for its very good acoustic absorption in the medium and high frequency ranges.

Air conditioning technology Clima-Tect®

Rooms in computing centers with network cabinets are often fitted with false floors to accommodate the cabling. Through openings in the floors the cables are routed upwards. However, the cold air for cooling the servers escapes through these openings. With Clima-Tect®, these openings can be closed. Prepunched rectangles in the foam panels make it easier to pull out the cable openings so that the foam fits perfectly around the cables. Since Basotect® can be processed fiber-free, the sealing cushions can be installed while work is in progress.

Basotect® delivers excellent acoustics in air conditioning equipment

Designers of buildings with particularly high requirements for room acoustics, for example theaters or concert halls, need to think about every little detail to ptimize the acoustics. Even the air conditioning equipment that is used must operate with as little noise as possible.

Basotect® sound absorbers in thermoactive prefabricated concrete ceilings

A thermoactive concrete ceiling has many advantages. It is a design feature in modern buildings, and it helps to regulate heat, ensures energy- efficient cooling and heating and can help to make the buildings eligible for passive house certification.The solution is to have acoustic absorbers integrated directly into the ceiling elements themselves that enable excellent sound absorption and at the same time do not have any adverse effect on the functionality of the ceiling.

Quieter working atmosphere in an open office building

BASF’s sound-absorbing foam Basotect® ensures a calm and modern working atmosphere in the new open office space of BASF Turkey. Due to its open cell structure, the melamine foam absorbs the sound, so that, despite the open room concept, noise is contained optimally. Employees can communicate andbwork with each other without any disturbance. In the new office, Basotect® not only impresses with its excellent acoustic properties, but also aesthetically.

Sculpture made with Basotect® in Indoor Swimming Center

Being exceptional light-weight is only one out of many beneficial properties that make Basotect® the product of choice. The foam can be processed into a wide variety of shapes and colors, offering a high degree of design freedom for designers and architects. Installations with Basotect® achieve high sound absorption in the medium and high frequency range due to its open-cell structure. This reduces the overall noise level, which benefits observers, and increases speech intelligibility so that participants in fitness and swimming lessons are now able to understand instructions better.

Showing 1-7 of 7