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Admixtures - Queensferry Crossing

MasterGlenium SKY 903 was used in world’s largest underwater concrete pour. This product was specifically engineered to allow high levels of water reduction and very long workability retention, without sacrificing early strength development performance. The biggest single pour for the South Tower foundation, resulted in 16,869m3 of concrete being produced and delivered without any delays or returned concrete and was tackled in a non-stop process, 24 hours a day, over 15 days which, at its peak, involved up to 100 people.

Admixtures - The Library of Birmingham

BASF contributed to this iconic building, supplying its MasterGlenium SKY 569 High range water reducing admixture for concrete to the mix design for the high-strength concrete used in the building’s central columns. MasterPozzolith 324N was also used to good effect at the Library of Birmingham. This cost-effective, water-reducing plasticizer significantly improved the workability and cohesive properties of the concrete, enabling economies in mix designs to be used. BASF products helped the building achieve a BREEAM excellent rating.

Admixtures - The Shard

The Shard is the tallest building in Western Europe, standing at 310 metres. A total of 16,000 litres of BASF admixtures were used in the record-breaking concrete pour. This pour is the largest UK continuous concrete pour to date, lasting 35 hours and beating the schedule on both time and volume. BASF admixtures were also used in the structure’s core. This core was slip-formed in reinforced concrete and progressed at an impressive rate of three metres per day. The concrete was pumped 250 meters high during construction of the central core.

Flooring Solutions - Aston Martin

BASF’s crack-bridging MasterTop 1324 system provided all the components necessary to allow an overlay of old, variable substrates, offering a single-source solution. MasterTop 1324 flooring system was applied to a workshop area totalling over 3500m2. The MasterTop system met the client’s requirement for a flat, smooth, seamless and decorative flooring finish that eliminated the need for expansion joints and resolved the undulations and cracking in the substrate.

Flooring Solutions - Museum of London

The comprehensive range of MasterTop and Ucrete resin flooring systems available enabled BASF to supply six different finishes, some in geometric designs in different colours, providing flooring solutions over 2,300 m² throughout the new galleries. The wide range of decorative systems available met all of the customer’s needs, while performance characteristics met all further functional requirements.

Flooring Solutions - Saucy Fish Company

Ucrete UD200 fast-cure system met a small window of opportunity for application and the client’s requirement for a slip resistant floor finish with the same cleanability as stainless steel. The Ucrete floor was applied to a damp substrate directly with no issues regarding the relative humidity moisture content of the slab and no requirement for a surface damp-proof membrane. The client’s floor was prepared, primed, laid and back in service within a 10-hour period with no issues or effect on the surrounding production.

Underground Solutions - Farnworth Tunnel

As part of the Manchester to Preston Electrification program, the two Victorian-built Farnworth rail tunnels (Up & Down) were refurbished. BASF’s concrete admixtures and SA 160 accelerator provided a workable concrete that performed both technically and reliably within the possession timeframes. Producing a consistent reinforced wet spray concrete that could be pumped up to 300 meters and remain suitable to spray.

Underground Solutions - Hindhead Tunnel

The Hindhead tunnel is 1.83 kilometres long and required a spray-on waterproofing membrane solution for over 80,000m2 of the tunnel section. The product that was specified was MasterSeal 345, which is applied in a simple sandwich construction. The waterproofing system’s performance lies in the excellent bonding properties between the membrane and concrete lining on both sides, which mitigates the risk of water ingress by eliminating groundwater paths. In using this sandwich construction method three months of construction time was saved in comparison to more traditional options.

Underground Solutions - Tottenham Court Road Station

Built over 100 years ago, the Tottenham Court Road underground station was not designed to cope with the level of passengers it experiences today. Areas of damp regulating layers were found within the tunnels prior to waterproofing. Instead of penetrating the concrete substrate for injection, MasterRoc TSL 865 was used. Once tacky, MasterSeal 345 was then sprayed over the full tunnel section, consequently reducing time spent on the activity and costs involved. A total of 124 tonnes of MasterSeal 345 and 2.5 tonnes of MasterRoc TSL 865 were used within the SCL tunnels at Crossrail’s Tottenham Court Road.

Water Industry Solutions - Hogsmill Sewage Treatment Works

This project involved the encapsulation of two primary settlement tanks within “bio domes” in order to reduce odours in the surrounding residential area and harvest the methane produced. MasterEmaco N 5200 rapid-setting mortar was used on this project enabling the re-profiled surface to be sufficiently cured within 7 days to receive the coating. Rapid installation and return to service of the applied coating thanks to the combination of MasterTop P660 primer and MasterSeal M 689 coating.

Water Industry Solutions - Meades Service Reservoir

MasterSeal 930 bandage was applied onto MasterSeal 933 moisture tolerant adhesive to seal the vertical and horizontal joints. MasterSeal 588 was applied to the concrete by brush in two coats of 1mm per coat. MasterSeal 588 White was applied followed by a second coat of MasterSeal 588 Grey. MasterSeal 588 forms an elastomeric membrane in dry conditions and when fully immersed, which accommodates any potential movement in the structure once filled. MasterSeal 930 bandage, MasterSeal 933 adhesive and MasterSeal 588 elastomeric membrane are all Regulation 31 approved for use in contact with potable water.

Water Industry Solutions - Wells Sewage Treatment Works

The brickwork surface was treated with high-pressure water to removal all contaminants prior to repairs and repointing using MasterSeal 590 rapid-setting mortar. The dry brick substrate was primed with one coat of MasterTop P 660 rapid-setting polyurethane primer and a topcoat comprised of two coats of MasterSeal M 336 flexible epoxy polyurethane coating. The use of MasterSeal 590 allowed the repairs to be primed after one day. MasterTop P 660 rapid setting polyurethane primer enabled the MasterSeal M 336 topcoat to be applied without delay, reducing the overall application time by several days from preparation to commissioning.

Wind Energy Grouting Solutions - West of Duddon Sands

The project to install the 108 foundations, including the grouting works, took just 5 months to complete, averaging 21 foundation installations per month. A world record in the industry, and a new benchmark for future offshore windfarms. Over 4,770 tons of MasterFlow 9500 Exagrout was pumped into the monopile transition piece connections on this project. Because of the early strength development of MasterFlow 9500, the permitted weather window, which is necessary for the installation operation, was reduced by 25% to only 18 hours.

Wind Energy Grouting Solutions - Fife Energy Park

The Scottish government gave the green light to Samsung Heavy Industries to test its first 7MW offshore wind turbine at Fife Energy Park. MasterFlow 9500 was chosen for this project as it is the only ultra-high strength grout specifically designed for grouting offshore wind turbines with proven fatigue resistance. The massive turbine is connected to shore via a walkway to enable visitors to get up close to the structure. This part of the structure was also fixed to the seabed and grouted by MasterFlow 9500.

Wind Energy Grouting Solutions - Gwynt Y Môr

RWE recognized that the correct choice of material with the capability to grout at low temperatures was an important attribute, as the bad weather capability went hand in hand with the improved significant wave height capability of their installation vessel. The possibility to grout at temperatures as low as 0°C with our MasterFlow 9500, made the choice of the grouting product easy. Serious cost control or even cost reduction was achieved for the effective time that the installation vessels were operating in the offshore conditions.

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