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Alesta® - The Anodic Collection

The Alesta® AP Anodic line powder coating matches the appearance of standard anodised finishes on steel or aluminium. A comprehensive range of anodised colours is available: the standard colours Natura, Champagne, Bronze, Brown and Black, as well as a set of trendy colours: Saphire and Malachite. And recently requested by the market, the Gold Anodic is born. Never has a powder coating looked so close to an anodised finish. The coating offers excellent durability and colour stability. A wide range of substrates, including aluminium and steel profile extrusions, cladding and sheet panels, can be treated to create a uniform anodised appearance. Specific applications are doors and window frames, furniture and lighting.

Alesta® - The Fine Textured Collection

The Fine Textured Collection of Alesta® AP thermosetting powders provides outstanding looks and functional performance in a wide range of colours based on RAL all available from stock. This range with fine textured finishes fulfills all architectural requirements and provides premium levels of aesthetics and functional performance, it hides imperfections and improves the scratch resistance of the finish. The Fine Textured Collection is GSB and Qualicoat approved. At Axalta Coating Systems they embrace originality, thats why they approached their new Fine Textured Collection with the spirit of trends. Out of the 140 available colours they selected 25 colours and set them into 5 trendy themes, to inspire the creators of modern design.

Alesta® - The Star Collection

The Star Collection is based on the Alesta AP architectural polyester range, which has outstanding weathering resistance and coating performance, combined with superb aesthetics. The range is equally suited to exterior and interior applications. The collection is long established in the market, and all colours are available from stock. The Star Collection reflects the glamour of special effects and textures for the architectural and decorative sectors.

Alesta® - The Timeless Collection

Timeless and elegant always in fashion but never trendy qualities that make the new Timeless Collection stand out in the architectural segment. In this edition they have concentrated on the Top 5 effect colours with various finishes (matt, fine textured and semi-gloss) and have undertaken some technological fine-tuning. Throughout the formulation and manufacturing processes special attention has been paid to developing a simple but robust application (easy2use). This leads to problem-free and consistent coating results ensuring that our customers high standards will be achieved. Progress was achieved by further development of the bonding process, fine-tuning coating formulations and the use of sophisticated additional testing regimes.

Alesta® - The Timeless Collection

Timeless and elegant always up to date, but no slave to fashion: the look of the new Timeless Collection for architecture is a convincing blend of brilliance and homogeneity. During the development process, we focused on durability and ease of use to ensure easy, trouble free coating. This advancement was achieved by further development of the bonding process and the coating formula, supported by elaborate and comprehensive testing routines. Chemical resistance was also further improved and now sustainably exceeds todays specification requirements.

Alesta® Cool

Each colour reflects heat differently. Alesta Cool enhances infrared reflection, reducing the temperature of the painted surface. This technical innovation reduces heat transfer, lowering mechanical stress acting on the metal and thus improving colour stability, gloss and the films mechanical properties. Alesta Cool formulations can reduce the surface temperature up to 20%. Some dark colours are available in Alesta Cool quality in high gloss, semi-gloss and matt appearance.

Alesta® Super Durable

Architects design prestigious buildings which have to last for many years and respect the surrounding areas. They look for reliable materials with outstanding properties and respect for the environment. The Alesta® Super Durable range of products is based on a super durable polyester resin system, higher grade pigments and stabilisers with outstanding exterior durability. It’s highly suitable for very sunny environments.

Corrosion protection - Alesta ZeroZinc Primer

Alesta® ZeroZinc primer provides environmentally safe, corrosion protection with excellent adhesion to ferrous metals. It is easily overcoatable by powder and liquid topcoats without sanding. Its low specific gravity leads to easier application and recycling and exhibits improved productivity with more m²/kg. Applications are in general construction work such as metal structures, urban furniture and ironwork. Corrosion protection classification according to ISO 12944 is C5-I long. ZeroZinc is zinc-free and does not contain heavy metals. It has excellent flexibility, impact resistance and resistance to chemicals and humidity. Curing and partial curing is at low temperature (7- 17 min at 140°C). Primed items can be stored while awaiting overcoating.


ICONICA is part of the Alesta® SD powder coatings range for metal substrates, based on a super durable polyester resin technology and offering superior exterior durability.

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