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Atelier Chen Hung's Perfect Palette

It’s hard to imagine a timber better suited to a palette of concrete and pale pink terrazzo than GoodWood Victorian ash. This winning combination is found throughout the space, drawing on clean lines and simplistic furniture to complete the brief. “The main reason we used Victorian ash is because it is a light coloured Australian timber that met the BAL-19 bushfire attack level requirement for the site. Its softness and warmth works beautifully with the project palette” - Atelier Chen Hung.

Breathe Architecture's 'Halo House' bursting with GoodWood Victorian Ash

This design stemmed from the idea of the ‘Halo Effect’ – ‘a natural phenomenon whereby icebergs act as physical refuge for aquatic organisms while simultaneously releasing nutrients to their surroundings and generating a ‘halo’ of energetic life’. The Halo House is the epitome of an Australian modern family home. Breathe Architecture explained “the building reads like a geological feature in a landscape, continually evolving with the passing of time, weather and seasons”. The design represents a ‘breath of fresh air’, using light and natural materials to create a warm and nurturing home.

IronAsh and recycled brick, a match made in heaven.

“Having considered both performance and materiality factors, The Winton was designed with a green conscience. Reclaimed bricks provided such an interesting personality to the build, so it was important that the soft character of a natural timber species delivered the contrasting features” - Orbis Construction. Due to Victorian ash’s natural blonde tones, IronAsh has the flexibility to grey off or to be stained to meet any design needs. IronAsh is the combination of GoodWood Victorian ash and unique water-based additives to give a H3 treated exterior timber.

IronAsh columns support the Macquarie University Incubator building

Macquarie University’s Incubator building represents education, technology and innovation. This building may not be the tallest or largest mass timber structure in Australia, but should be equally celebrated for its total commitment to prefabricated timber. The Macquarie University Incubator was a collaboration between Lipman, Architectus, Strongbuild, Taylor Thompson Whitting, Arup and Against the Grain. The design required a prefabricated structure, to enable future dismantle, relocation and reassembly. Through the unique collaboration of the entire team the building was erected in just 37 days and the entire project completed within 6 months.

Japanese inspired 'Harry House' by Archier champions GoodWood

The Harry House was a classic Coburg suburban home that screamed ordinary. The brief was to transform this typical home into a space that represented the client’s Japanese heritage. Straight and stable Victorian ash hardwood was used in a multitude of applications throughout the home. Harry House is the ultimate example of how GoodWood Victorian ash is the perfect hardwood that can be matched throughout an entire space. It not only ticks the boxes for sustainability, product availability and attractiveness, but it is also extremely practicable and affordable.

Perfect display of GoodWood, IronAsh and Australian Oak in the Pindari House

Forget predictable ‘Hamptons’ beach design, and instead think laid-back beach location with a slight mid-century feel. To compliment the Goodwood Victorian ash, IronAsh cladding and Australian Oak Engineered Flooring were specified to create a continuous flow of design from inside to out. Matching the timber throughout a space creates a harmonious atmosphere that connects each room cohesively. Specifying timber all from the one manufacturer like ASH means you are getting consistent grain and quality products throughout the entire build.

Top to bottom Victorian ash at the University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne’s (UoM) Biosciences building is the perfect example of how to match a consistent timber throughout an entire space. And not just any timber. Australian Oak Engineered Flooring, cleverly partnered with GoodWood Victorian ash and IronAsh. To coincide with one of HASSELL’s philosophies to ‘continuously improve environmental performance and energy efficiencies as well as create healthier working environments’, the UoM building demonstrates an accurate representation of sustainable design and the connection of nature to increase productivity.

Victorian ash glue-laminated members featured in RMIT's Garden Building

Mass timber is transforming from an innovative new method of construction to a must-have in mid-rise building design, and this RMIT NAS (New Academic Street) project paved the way for Australia to become a leader in mass timber construction. One building in particular, the ‘Garden Building’, designed by NMBW Architects and TCL was a stand out for innovation and creativity. The spectacular design used a 6m mass timber grid and due to the visibility of the structure, glulam was the preferred option to CLT. Victorian ash was chosen as it is an attractive timber, ideal for ‘seen structure’.

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