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Hotel X - Toronto, ON

Hotel X’s sophisticated washrooms showcase luxury, with deep cubicles surrounded by towering Alpaco doors, panels and pilasters that extend from within inches above the floor to nearly touching the ceiling. The stunning washrooms complement the vibrant, upscale, tailored design of Hotel X, welcoming guests to an experience of delightfully sophisticated luxury.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium - HOK Architects

ASI Group provided Phenolic Ultimate Privacy™ Cubicles that were custom designed to match the Atlanta Falcons’ deep red color and provide guests with guaranteed privacy. The cubicles play a large part in ninety percent of stadium bathrooms, providing elegance and durability. In the men’s washrooms, ASI also provided hundreds of urinal screens and stainless steel shelves to hold the guests’ cups and phones.

Port House, Antwerp - Zaha Hadid Architects

To deliver on these lofty washroom design requirements, Zaha Hadid Architects turned to ASI Alpaco. Custom-made, extra-height black Alpaco cubicles provide superior privacy in the stunning washrooms. Stainless steel hardware accent the washroom design, adding distinction worthy of the building’s reputation and a touch of modern aesthetics. The elegance of stainless steel washroom accessories add sophistication to an already distinct design.

Residence Palace, Brussels - Philippe Samyn and Partners

To preserve the sophistication of the facility, ASI Alpaco created elegant washroom cubicles designed without pedestals rather than walled-off as individual restrooms. With so many visitors to Residence Palace, the goal was to make the cubicles as appealing as they are functional and easy to clean. To meet these needs, ASI Alpaco installed 350 custom cubicles that create the illusion of an individual environment with guaranteed privacy.

Showing 1-5 of 5