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Artisan Cafe Wine Bar

The first Polished Plaster Finish which catches your eye as you walk into the Cafe Bar area is the vibrant DeCorten Rust applied to the coffer and column areas, you will also notice the bar top which is coated in Micro Stone with a Metallic Silver Glaze. Marmorino Venezia Beton applied to the wall areas, a light textured concrete finish, made to look like authentic concrete slabs also Marmorino Venezia Beton stencil bringing the Artisan logo to life. Also a stunning feature wall, Stucco Mirage. Marmorino Naturale has been applied in various colours to the male, female and disabled toilets.

Aulis at L'Enclume

Relax into your seat, sit at the chefs table at the recently refurbished Aulis at L’Enclume. The new Aulis at L’Enclume, set in a magical Cumbrian hideaway is to be the most hi-tech cooking facility in the country. Here you will experience an array of nature inspired dishes, that will allow you to truly see and taste L’Enclume’s innovative and exceptional culinary creations.

Banded Stucco Antico & Travertino in Luxury Spa and Pool

This family run business decided that as well as offering luxury accommodation they wanted to give their customers a relaxing experience in a salon and spa facility. The polished plaster finish they opted to have is Stucco Antico banded with Marmorino Venezia Travertino. Travertino boasts a good resistance to humidity and moulds, making it great for wet areas such as a swimming pool. Stucco Antico ensures workability and resistance to moulds due to it’s modern production techniques. Available in 25 plus colours, you have more than enough options. The areas covered are their swimming pool, toilet and shower areas.

Birmingham City Football Club

We were approached by the club asking if we can colour match to their Birmingham City Blue home kit, they wanted a finish that is a high shine gloss effect that would make a feature at the clubs entrance hall. We colour matched to their preference and used Stucco Da Vinci to give them the high shine effect they desired.

Carnivoro - Brazilian Style Restaurant Burnley

Travertino has been applied to the bar front, with a Micro Oxide stencil ‘Carnivoro’, bringing the restaurant name to life. Marmorino Venezia Beton with DeCorten Rust was chosen for the bar top. The floor, which is a Micro finish, this finish boasts high strength and durability which is great for high traffic areas. Travertino with Metallics has been applied to the walls leading towards the bathrooms. Edel Riviera in Crocodile Effect is on the walls in both female and male WC, in tones of brown. Micro Oxide has been applied to bespoke sink troughs.

Most Luxurious Man Cave

On this prestigious project the client decided to create his own 'man cave', a place for him to have his stunning cars on display and to un wind in his pool room. The finishes used were Black Stucco Da Vinci to the garage ceiling and pool room ceiling and Silver Mirage Rustico finish in the bathroom.

Novotel - Canary Wharf

applicArt’s luxury finishes have been applied to several areas within the hotel. Whilst having a relaxing swim, you will notice the stunning Stucco Mirage finish which has been applied to the walls surrounding the pool. This beautiful Polished Plaster finish has also been applied to the pool ceiling and column areas. Polished Plaster has also been applied to the Presidential Suite on the 8th floor of this high end hotel. Both Micro Cement and Stucco Mirage have been applied to the wall areas

Polished Plaster Finishes at Portrait Pools Showroom

We added a stunning variety of our products to Portrait Pool’s state of the art showroom in Macclesfield. Marmorino Venezia with Metallics was chosen to compliment the onsite meeting facilities. This durable product was applied to a feature fall behind a Television as well as two speaker back boards. Marmorino Venezia Textured boasts excellent durability and good resistance to humidity and moulds. This product also works well with Metallics, which offers a luxurious feel and look to any internal or external area. Stucco Antico was applied to the showpiece bathroom ceiling, in a light grey tone.

Polished Plaster in Residential Swimming Pool

The classic Marmorino Venezia Travertino has been used here at this residential swimming pool. This finish has been used on the floors which have been marked out to look like tiles, it has also been used in the shower areas. As a contrasting texture the client opted for a textured Marmorino Venezia in stunning bronze and gold Metallique finish.

Stone Restaurant, part of Langdale Spa

The Brimstone Spa is the latest addition to the Langdale Estate, one of the most luxurious hotel and spa destinations in the north of England. The 29-week project involved the dismantling of the existing treatment rooms before two extensions were built to accommodate the new state-of-the-art concept. The ‘Stove’ restaurant is where you can see applicArt’s polished plaster finishes, the finishes applied to the ‘Stove’ bar front and feature wall are Black Stucco Da Vinci with Silver Metallique, with a large indented vein detail for added depth and character

Stunning Residential Project using various finishes

At this stunning residential property we worked in 3 areas, the main feature was the Stunning Venezia walls in the entrance hall covering 4 storeys of a spiral staircase. Black Stucco Da Vinci to the WC and a stunning feature wall of Cara de la Rocca in the Piano Room.

Various Polished Plaster finishes at Luxury Residential Project

This client has an exciting vision when it came to the type of finish she wanted, for the ceiling in her swimming pool and spa area she wanted it to look like the sky with clouds at sunset, here we applied a textured Venezia and coloured it to clients bespoke taste. In the other areas of the pool we applied natural Venezia Travertino, this followed through in to the WC and shower areas. In other areas of the house we did a high shine red Stucco Da Vinci for the clients Boudoir and light grey Stucco Antico Bathroom ceiling.

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