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SSTC/STC Thermally Insulated Balcony Connectors

Ancon STC and SSTC steel-to-concrete balcony connectors are used to anchor steel balconies to concrete floor slabs and have been proven through thermal modelling to reduce heat loss when compared to direct connections. The two-part assembly, comprising a cast-in anchorage and a post-fixed bracket with thermal pad located at the interface, allows for phased construction. Unlike one-piece systems which must be left exposed on-site for some time, the Ancon bracket component is not fixed until required, reducing the risk of damage.

SSTS/STS Thermally Insulated Balcony Connectors

Ancon STS (galvanised steel) and SSTS (stainless steel) are compact thermal breaks, typically used for connecting steel balconies to structural steel frames. They are also equally suitable for other steel-to-steel applications.

Staifix Cavity Wall Ties

Wall ties for use in external cavity walls should be selected by the 'Types' in PD6697. This document classifies wall ties by strength and use. Wall ties for use in internal separating walls should comply with Approved Document E: Resistance to the passage of sound.

Staifix Guide to Wall Ties & Restraint Fixings

Wall ties are an important element in the stability of cavity walls. The correct selection, spacing and installation of ties is essential to avoid damp penetration and the distortion or cracking of brickwork. Ancon can advise on the correct fixing to suit your project and provide details of your nearest stockist.

Staifix-Thor Helical Crack Stitching Kit

This kit contains all the necessary components to permanently repair vertical or stepped cracks in masonry. Experts in the remedial market have designed the kit’s contents, guaranteeing the correct specification of reinforcing bar, grout and installation tools required for this application and the compatibility of all components.

Stainless Steel Sections & Flooring

Ancon designs and manufactures high integrity steel components for a wide range of industries. Primarily, products are manufactured from stainless steel and Ancon is a member of the British Stainless Steel Association.

Starter Bar Systems

The Ancon Starter Bar system is designed to increase the speed of construction at joints where continuity of reinforcement is required, or for fixing applications using standard metric bolts or studding. Use of this Ancon system can simplify concrete design and eliminate the need to drill formwork or concrete.

Tension and Compression Systems

Tie bars are increasingly being used in structures and buildings as an architectural as well as a structural element. In addition to providing a high load capacity, the Ancon 500 Tension System meets the demanding aesthetic requirements of today’s applications.

The Use of Stainless Steel in Construction

The majority of Ancon products are manufactured from stainless steel. This material offers many advantages to the specifier and its use in the Construction Industry continues to increase. Stainless steel building products ensure a high degree of corrosion resistance without requiring additional protection and are 100% recyclable at the end of their long service life.

Wall Ties and Restraint Fixings

Wall ties and restraint fixings are an essential element in the stability of masonry panels. Ancon manufactures fixings in a variety of lengths and types for restraining brickwork, blockwork and stonework. Restraints can be fixed to concrete and structural steelwork as well as any type of masonry.

Showing 37-46 of 46