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Adjustable Pedestal

Aluminium adjustable decking pedestal available in heights of 70–300 mm.

Albedo Effect Solar Canopy

The Albedo Effect Solar Canopy has a strong aluminium and steel construction and features hidden integral guttering. The roof panels are covered with revolutionary SolarWorld bifacial solar panels that converts sunlight into energy from both sides of the panels for maximum solar absorption and energy generation.

This canopy, allows you to generate free energy that you can use and sell, saving and making you money at the same time! It can be constructed to any length and has a maximum width of up to 5 m. It is ideal for creating shelter above cars, bikes, waiting areas, outside dining areas and much more.

The solar panels are supplied with up to a 30 year guarantee and the frame has up to a 25 year life expectancy.

Hoops for use in Cycle Shelters

The Safety Bicycle Rest cycle hoops are made from 48 mm steel tubes that are galvanised for ultimate corrosion protection. They can be supplied ready to set into concrete or with base plates for bolting into a suitable base.

You can choose to have the Safety Bicycle Rest powder coated to any RAL colour and each hoop can be used for double sided parking, optimising your outside space.

Showing 1-36 of 68