Twintour - bi-directional, straight-line access revolving door

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Twintour - bi-directional, straight-line access revolving door

by Boon Edam Australia Pty Ltd

The Twintour combines two or more two wing revolving doors to create a unique and versatile entry concept. It is the only revolving door that provides bi-directional, straight-line access. It offers easy passage to wheelchairs, trollies, beds and carts. The modular set up and possibility to integrate more than two revolving doors means that the Twintour is suitable to separate the flow of visitors into your building. There are various options available including: push-button temporary low speed; safety plus package; glass protection sheets; air curtains and floor mats. The night locking options include: night locking doors; automatic night locking doors; mechanical lock (door set); and authorised night entry.

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