Twinglock 900 - secured entry solution

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Twinglock 900 - secured entry solution

by Boon Edam Australia Pty Ltd

The Twinglock 900 combines two stainless steel columns and two glass panels to create a stylish and efficient secured entry solution. Sensors in the columns ensure that both door wings operate simultaneously and open and close quickly. There are various options available including: single or multiple lane setup; multiple authorisation memory; card reader mounting options; external control panel; visible half-round clamps; adjustable security level settings; speed adjustment of door wings; and audible alarm. All Boon Edam secured entry solutions can easily be integrated with access control systems. These can be integrated in the column of the Twinglock 900 itself or on an optional secondary pedestal or column that can be placed in the vicinity of the gate to allow for a more fluid process.

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