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TLM26 (Medium Grade Access Floor)

Technical data sheet

TLM26 (Medium Grade Access Floor)

by Kingspan Access Floors Ltd


Our TLM26 system features a thinner 26mm high density particle board than our RMG600 floors, reducing the system weight to 32kg/m2. Despite being 5mm thinner than our RMG600 system, TLM26 is designed for general office use. Where void space is restricted, TLM26 provides the ideal raised flooring for corporate and shared offices. The thinner panels additionally contribute to a lower system weight per square metre. The fully encapsulated panel comprises of a wrap-around steel top and a steel base plate that are adhesive bonded and mechanically stitched around a particle board core for greater strength and durability. Each panel within the system includes screw down holes for added lateral stability.

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