Stereovision - advanced anti-piggybacking technology

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Stereovision - advanced anti-piggybacking technology

by Boon Edam Australia Pty Ltd

Piggybacking is a real threat in todays world because most doors or access control systems cannot prevent it from happening proactively. They can sound an alarm or record the event, but it is up to the security staff to respond quickly. StereoVision has been proven through rigorous testing to be extremely accurate, and when paired with a security revolving door or portal and access control system, can prevent unauthorised entry without the need for manned supervision. The technology is available as a Level Up in security option on our Circlelock Combi or Solo portals, and our Tourlock 180 security revolving door. StereoVision combines optical and near-infrared sensor technologies for an exceptionally reliable solution that is not impaired by lighting or reflections.

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