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Steel Fire Doorset & Fire Door Selector I60 E120 EN1634-1

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Steel Fire Doorset & Fire Door Selector I60 E120 EN1634-1

by Teckentrup UK Ltd


Teckentrup's expertise is the manufacture of steel fire doors and steel fire doorsets. It has left its mark in on fire protection in Germany for decades. The UK & Ireland are the only major European markets where it is NOT mandatory to specify steel personnel fire doorsets and fire doors with both insulation and integrity fire ratings. In a fire situation an un-insulated, hollow metal fire doorset will contain a fire but offer little resistance to the passage of radiated heat. The Teckentrup T60-FSA Fire Resistant steel doorset and fire door is tested to EN1634-1. It provides up to 120 minutes integrity and up to 60 minutes insulation, increasing the safety of any people in proximity to the fire door in a fire situation. The Teckentrup 62 modular door is available with LPS1175 SR3 rating.

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