SIGnature PU Liquid Waterproofing Same Day Primer Datasheet

Technical data sheet

SIGnature PU Liquid Waterproofing Same Day Primer Datasheet

by SIG Design & Technology

The SIGnature PU Liquid Waterproofing System is a revolutionary, fast curing, pure elastomeric, hydrophobic, polyurethane flat roofing system available in two product formats. SIGnature PU-20 Liquid Coating Kit comprises two components which when mixed together create a single coat application, rapid curing liquid roofing membrane which can offer a 20-year guarantee. SIGnature PU-10 Liquid Coating is a single component liquid membrane, single coat application with a 10-year guarantee. Both SIGnature PU Liquid Coatings can be applied as a single coat with only localised reinforcing as required, creating a bubble-free and durable liquid applied roofing system. SIGnature liquids can be applied all year round above 5°C and are cold applied no heat or flame required.

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