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Resin flooring Deco Flake SF system

Design guide

Resin flooring Deco Flake SF system

by Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring


Resucoat Deco Flake SF is a multi-component epoxy floor system which utilises coloured akes applied to a base coat to provide a 1 mm thick decorative flooring finish. Resucoat Deco Flake SF provides a solvent free low odour flooring solution with a hard wearing gloss or matt finish. This system can be installed economically over large industrial areas where heavy duty performance is required with a decorative floor coating. Sherwin-Williams provide a standard colour range of Resuflake blends for this system and bespoke blends of colours incorporating glitters to provide a sparkle finish are also available. Resucoat HB used as the base coat for this system is Sherwin-Williams best selling high-build epoxy resin industrial coating.

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