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Quatreau Touch Technical Specification

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Quatreau Touch Technical Specification

by Global Water Solutions

The Worlds most advanced tap dispensing both Purified Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling for drinks and food prep and Mains Hot & Cold for washing purposes/ Made in England from 316 stainless steel Quatreau taps are the most robust reliable taps on the market The Boiling water function delivers an impressive 3 litres at 98C without a drop in temperature. This is the best output on the market in this category. For larger offices choose the 652 Infinite for a never ending flow of boiling water! Chilled delivers an impressive 20 litres/hr below 10C as does the Sparkling function Hand hot is thermostatically controlled to the perfect temperature for hand wash. Flow rates are also controlled to avoid waste and prevent splash. Truly a remarkable product !

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