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Protecta Interior Paint FR-1 - EC Certificate

Third party approval

Protecta Interior Paint FR-1 - EC Certificate

by Protecta (Polyseam Ltd)

The Protecta Interior Paint FR-1 Wall System comprises a stud and perimeter framework of 38 x 63 mm C16 European Redwood (EN 1912: 2004), faced on both sides with 1 layer of precoated, 12 mm Class E1 particleboard (EN 312: 2010) with a density of 650 kg/m3 min. The studs are positioned at 600 mm centres, with noggins at a height of 2400 mm. The boards are fixed to the studs, permiter frame and noggins 15 mm from the board edges and at 200 mm centres. The particleboard faces of the partition are precoated on the outward facing side with 220 microns (WFT)/ 305g/m2 dry weight of Protecta Interior Paint FR-1, applied by roller. The edges of the partition are sealed with a 5 mm bead of Protect FR Acrylic sealant.

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