Polysealant adhesive for penetrations and formworks

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Polysealant adhesive for penetrations and formworks

by Polyglass Ltd

POLYSEALANT SYSTEM is an innovative complementary system for use on roofs comprising polymer bitumen membranes or PVC-P and FPO/TPO synthetic membranes, for sealing the connections of penetrations such as aerials, cables, pipes, poles, bases, fastenings for solar/photo-voltaic panels, support structures, etc.of all shapes and sizes . POLYSEALANT SYSTEM is suitable for application on the following waterproof coverings: Mineral surfaced BPP (APP) polymer bitumen membranes; BPP (APP) and BPE (SBS) polymer bitumen membranes, smooth or sand surfaced (subject to preparation) BPE (SBS) mineral surfaced bitumen membranes; PVC-P plastic-coated polyvinyl chloride membranes; FPO/TPO flexible polyolefin membranes (subject to application of PRIMER)

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