Novia 500 Gauge Polythene Vapour Control Layer

Technical data sheet

Novia 500 Gauge Polythene Vapour Control Layer

by Novia Ltd

Novia 500 Gauge VCL is a blown polythene material suitable for use as a vapour control layer within the walls of frame constructions, or where control of the passage of water vapour is required.Novia 500 Gauge VCL is fully CPR compliant and is CE Approved to EN 13984:2013. This product also performs the additional function of an air-leakage barrier, to prevent losses due to unwanted convection flows. We advise the use of Novia double sided butyl and metallised BOPP tape to ensure a complete barrier integrity throughout the entire life of the product. Novia 500 Gauge VCL should be used in combination with Novia breather membranes to provide an air-tight and vapour resistant system.

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