Newton 315 Polymer Waterbar

Technical data sheet

Newton 315 Polymer Waterbar

by Newton Waterproofing Systems

Newton 315 Polymer-Waterbar is a hydrophilic, acrylate polymer waterbar, which swells when activated by moisture. It is characterised by high elasticity and high tensile strength. Newton 315 Polymer-Waterbar can be used to seal the structure against water leaks to both cast-in-place concrete and precast construction joints. ACCREDITATIONS & APPROVALS 10 mm and 5 mm profile variants of Newton 315 Polymer-Waterbar are supported by Kiwa BCAC Certificate BCAC-17-002 and is accepted by the NHBC as a suitable waterbar Type B Waterproofing to Grades 1, 2 & 3 - BS 8102:2009.

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