Lytag - Self-Compacting Lightweight Concrete

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Lytag - Self-Compacting Lightweight Concrete

by Aggregate Industries – Lytag

Developments in admixture technology, especially in self-compacting admixtures, have now made Self-Compacting Lightweight Aggregate Concrete (SCLWAC) possible with coarse and fine Lytag aggregate. Due to the continuous grading and high fines content of the 0/4mm fine Lytag, when it is combined with Lytag coarse aggregate and cement an excellent, even grading curve results. With no gap in the grading between the aggregate and cement, this makes it ideal for SCLWAC. This allows contractors or precast concrete manufactures to get all the benefits of Self Compacting Concrete like ease of placing without vibration and noise, filling around very congested reinforcing, while giving the designer the benefits of reduced concrete density.


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