Liquid Metal Finishes

Technical data sheet

Liquid Metal Finishes

by applicArt Specialists of Polished Plaster

Metalfin is a designer decorative compound that is thinned with water and based on acrylic and polyurethane resins, with natural metal additives that comprise approx. 80% of the product. The compound is enhanced with quartz particles. Can be used to produce various textures, allowing you to design your interiors and accessories in many varying ways. To create the desired pattern, grind the surface with sandpaper type 320-1200 and/or add gloss with a trowel. Available in 12 different Colours: Aluminium, Old Aluminium, Brass, Gold Brass, Old Brass, Bronzo, Old Bronzo, Nickel, Olive, Rose, Beige & Dark Rame.

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