Jet Force Junior Hand Dryer

Technical data sheet

Jet Force Junior Hand Dryer

by Intelligent Facility Solutions

We worked with our manufacturing partner to develop a reduced size, budget priced, blade dryer that did not compromise on performance or specification. We are really pleased with the end result. The Jet Force Junior is a genuinely powerful blade dryer which has a combined airspeed of 224 mph from the 2 compressed strips of air, the force of this airflow is enough to remove moisture from the hands between 12 - 15 seconds and deposit it safely in the water tank. It has a 2-level filter protection system ensuring clean air is blown over the hands, with a pre filter protecting a HEPA filter. This HEPA filter is sterilised by UV lights acting on it at regular periods. This is a eco product that uses 75% less energy than conventional dryers. It costs 95% less than paper towels.

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