IWA 14 & PAS 68 Anti Terra range

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IWA 14 & PAS 68 Anti Terra range

by Frontier Pitts Ltd

The IWA 14/PAS 68 HVM Anti Terra Range includes: IWA14 Terra Bifolding Gate -7.2t@48kph IWA 14 Terra G8 Sliding Gate -7.2t@64kph PAS 68 Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gate -7.5t@50mph IWA 14 Terra 180 Hinged Gate -7.2t@48kph IWA 14 Terra Ultimate 180 Hinged Gate -7.2t@80kph PAS 68 Terra Surface Mount Blocker-7.5t@50mph IWA 14 Terra Shallow Blocker -7.2t@80kph IWA 14 Terra Blocker PAS 68 Static Terra Bollards - Shallow & Removable IWA 14 Rising Terra Universal Bollards - 7.2t@80kph IWA 14 Rising Terra Galaxy Bollards - 7.2t@48kph IWA 14 Terra 180 Swing Barrier - 7.2t @ 50kph IWA 14 Terra Ultimate 180 Swing Barrier - 7.2t@80kph PAS 68 Rising Terra Quantum Side Folding Bollard - 7.2t@30mph PAS 68 Compact Terra Barrier - 3.5t@30mph PAS 68 Terra Ultimate Barrier - 7.5t@50mph

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