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This literature item is no longer available.

IVC Commercial Concept 70 Heterogenous Vinyl Brochure

Design guide

IVC Commercial Concept 70 Heterogenous Vinyl Brochure

by IVC Commercial

Concept 70 Colours and Materials: the ultimate all-rounder Concept 70 is the ultimate multi-purpose floor. The 2.0 mm compact vinyl is available in 2M and 4M width rolls. It’s easy to install and maintain, as its ultra-hygienic coating and lack of seams mean cleaning is a walk in the park. What’s even better, it can be placed anywhere, from restaurants and hotels to schools, hospitals, nursing homes, childcare facilities and public buildings. Its 0.70 mm wear-resistant layer can handle even the harshest conditions. And it’s not just strong, but good-looking too: with a wide variety of 70 designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your project. Beauty and strength that lasts a lifetime – that’s Concept 70’s guarantee!

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