Hydrostop AH+ Liquid Waterproofing Concrete Primer (Winter) Datasheet

Technical data sheet

Hydrostop AH+ Liquid Waterproofing Concrete Primer (Winter) Datasheet

by SIG Design & Technology

The new and improved Hydrostop AH+ is a wet-on-wet, cold applied liquid waterproofing product thats fully reinforced with a polyester fabric. An extremely versatile and innovative one-component liquid system it offers many benefits including ease of application, fast curing times and with low VOC content it is fume free and virtually odourless. It can also be applied in practically any conditions and at low temperatures. Available in two versions, AH25+ and AH15+ use different weight reinforcement fleece and coverage rates and are available with 25 and 15-year warranties respectively. AH+ systems are BBA certified, certified to EN13948: 2007 for Green Roofs and fire tested to meet BS476-3 2004

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