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HYDROPACK pre-planted modular green roof system

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HYDROPACK pre-planted modular green roof system

by Axter Ltd


Hydropack is a complete extensive green roof system in a modular tray, ensuring excellent planting quality with simple installation - a unique response to the increasing demand for extensive green roofs. Hydropack comprises a pre-planted tray, robust fixings, drainage granules, filter layer, growing medium and pre-grown vegetation, storing up to 8l/m2 water. Delivered with plant cover (sedums) and easy to install by a hooking system, Hydropack is ideal for use with Axter's Wilotekt-Plus and Alpaflore green roof waterproofing systems. The tray is perfectly adapted for use on most flat and sloping roofs even those exposed to strong winds. The all-in-one system provides a low maintenance green roof to meet ecological requirements.

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