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Firestop Pipe Collar

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Firestop Pipe Collar

by FSi Limited

PipeBloc PCP Collars are designed and tested to seal service penetration apertures containing plastic and metallic pipes with insulation or cables. They are developed to provide a high volume expansion and pressure seal during a fire. The PipeBloc Collar is tested to EN1366-3, the maximum diameter available being 250mm. The ultra thin design of PipeBloc PCP Collars means the collar shell can give a depth of 30mm and 40mm ensuring that they can be installed into the tightest of locations. PipeBloc PCP Collars can be installed on flexible wall, rigid wall, rigid floor constructions and in Stopseal Batt seals. PipeBloc PCP Collars are used around combustible pipes to reinstate the fire resistance performance of wall and floor constructions.

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