Fire Curtain - Fibreroll E & EW

Technical data sheet

Fire Curtain - Fibreroll E & EW

by Bolton Gate Company

Fire Resisting Rolling Curtain (E30 to E180) Radiant Heat and Fire Resisting Rolling Curtain (EW30 to EW120) Bolton Gate Company, the acknowledged leader in the field of rolling fire door technology, introduces a much improved design of fire curtain to provide not only 2 hour fire integrity between fire compartments but now with a reflective coating which reduces radiated heat to such a large extent that it meets the EW120 classification in accordance with EN 13501-2. The Fibreroll Rolling Fire Curtain, which has been successfully fire tested to EN 1634-1, offers major advantages over existing designs in that the radiation transmitted through the curtain remains below 15 kW/m2 thus protecting people and potentially combustible materials in the vicinity.

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