Euroform Chi-Gasket A2 - TDS issue 2 06 2018

Technical data sheet

Euroform Chi-Gasket A2 - TDS issue 2 06 2018

by Euroform Products

New Euroform Chi-Gasket Technical Datasheet for use with Ash & Lacy Rainscreen Systems Chi-Gasket is a new innovative patented component for rainscreen facade applications that simply clips or slides onto a range of standard helping hand bracketry to reduce thermal bridging. Designed for use in all buildings including those with habitation over 18 metres from ground level, the Chi-Gasket delivers enhanced thermal performance in the through-wall construction and offers specific advantages for meeting the standards of Approved Document Part B (England & Wales) and Section 2 (Scotland). Consisting of a fire retardant polypropylene cage and high performing thermal insulation pad infill, it reduces heat loss at helping hand bracket locations and improves U-Value performance

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