ED 100 A - 250 A - Automatic Swing Door Operators

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ED 100 A - 250 A - Automatic Swing Door Operators

by dormakaba UK & Ireland

The integrated wind-load control of our new ED100 and ED250 swing door operators mean that the system recognises and compensates for wind loads with a force of up to 150N. This ensures that the door remains closed and heat is retained within the building. The ESM (Energy Saving Mode) allows the safety sensors to be switched to standby saving up to 30% in energy consumption. The ED100 and ED250 are available as an automatic (A) version or a low energy (LE) version. The low energy version allows the door to be opened under power when required and used as a conventional manual swing door at all other times. Both versions have a low operating noise and the compact Contur design ensures they will integrate with other DORMA products.

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