Duratherm timber framed wall insulation

Third party approval

Duratherm timber framed wall insulation

by Isothane Ltd

Duratherm® is a Kiwa BDA Agrément approved (Certificate No’s 18-035,036 & 039) closed cell spray foam insulation. LABC Registered Details (EWWS 1196A) are available. LABC Warranty also accepts its use. Duratherm® is used to insulate pitched and flat roofs, timber framed walls, solid walls and suspended timber floors. Duratherm® is used extensively as insulation and condensation control on agricultural and commercial buildings and can be sprayed directly onto profiled steel or corrugated composite cladding panels. Duratherm® insulation is enhanced by effectively sealing all gaps and joints in a substrate, preventing air leakage and air infiltration. Duratherm® is a so called “4th Generation” spray foam that has zero effect on the ozone layer and a very low Global Warming Potential.

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