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Dulux Trade ThermaCoat+

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Dulux Trade ThermaCoat+

by Dulux Trade, brand of AkzoNobel

Dulux Trade Plus Thermacoat+ is a revolutionary insulating coating that has been scientifically proven to permanently reduce heat loss, improve room warm-up times and help cut energy bills. Dulux Trade Plus ThermaCoat+ enables professionals to create warmer, more comfortable spaces. Dulux Trade Plus ThermaCoat+ is a lightweight paste that forms a thick insulating layer which can also repair cracks up to 5mm deep and smooth textured surfaces. The formulation has been designed for one-off interior application to exterior-facing walls using the bespoke Dulux Trade Plus ThermaCoat+ Comb, Dulux Trade Plus Levelling Fleece and Dulux Trade Plus Smooth & Protect+. Dulux Trade Plus ThermaCoat+ is part 1, of the 3 part system.

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