DORMA TS 73 V door closer

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DORMA TS 73 V door closer

by dormakaba UK & Ireland

TS 73 hydraulic door closers are suitable for all standard interior and fire and smoke check doors. Adjustable closing force is EN 2-4 and this is easily and steplessly adjustable by an Allen key. Of compact shape and size, the closers are designed to be used with most door and frame details and are non-handed. They have high mechanical efficiency, low sensitivity to temperature change, a wide opening angle and a pressure relief valve to protect the hydraulics from abuse. Latch action is adjustable. The self-regulating backcheck affords optimum wall and door protection. Closing speeds for 180-15 degrees and 15-0 degrees are adjustable at 2 separate valves. Finishes are silver, white and special colours.

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