Delta-Geo-Drain Quattro Four-ply Drainage Sheet

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Delta-Geo-Drain Quattro Four-ply Drainage Sheet

by Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Effective foundation protection for thick viscoplastic coatings is offered with Delta-Geo-Drain Quattro from Delta Membrane Systems – even if driving rain is able to penetrate through an imperfectly installed upper edge trim. In an absolutely watertight system, such rainwater would exert hydrostatic pressure on the waterproof coating. However, Quattro’s micro-perforated slip film which – together with the additional filter cloth – acts as a backup drainage layer behind the dimpled sheet to ensure that any water is drained off safely. In addition, the slip film prevents the transmission of movement to the waterproof coating. The laminated cloth – which sits between the film itself and the dimpled sheet – soaks up the moisture and then, in effect, acts as a wick to drain the moisture.

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