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Commercial Heat Recovery Units

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Commercial Heat Recovery Units

by Airflow Developments Ltd

Airflow has one of widest ranges of commercial mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) units available in the UK. Commercial MVHR units reduce the heating bills whilst improving the indoor air quality of the premises. Airflow commercial MVHR units recover up to 95% of otherwise wasted heat energy. This energy is then used to pre-warm the incoming supply air.The entire Airflow commercial MVHR range has BMS integration. There are currently 5 models within the Duplexvent commercial MVHR range: Flexi, Multi, Multi-N, Rotary and Rotary-N. Each model has various mounting positions, granting great installation flexibility. The entire Duplexvent range uses energy efficient EC motors. They also all achieve an "A" ErP Energy Rating and comply with all the relevant Building Regulations

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